How to choose the perfect pair of jeans.


Does it frustrate you when you try on pair after pair of jeans and nothing looks right?

Well, you’re not the only one. It’s very confusing, and where do you start? There are so many different styles and they vary from one store to the next.
What do you choose – high-rise, mid-rise, low-rise, super skinny, skinny, flared, boot-leg or straight? I bet you’re really confused now.

I’ve been out and about doing the ‘leg’ work trying on different styles and colours. Hopefully this will make your search for the perfect pair of jeans a bit easier for you.

Are you a petite build?
Are you a petite build?


Are you a Petite Build ?

If you are then –

  • go for a pair that lengthens your leg
  • avoid anything that is loose and baggy
  • the high-rise jeans will create the illusion of a longer body and highlight your curves.
  • A pair of heels does wonders.

Small waist and well-balanced body shape?

Lucky you, you have a choice –

  • Try a pair of high-rise jeans. This style pulls the tummy in and highlights your curves.
  • You can wear skinny jeans which are great for layering your garments during the colder months.
  • Wide legged jeans which will skim over the thigh area and highlight your waist.
  • Try tucking your top in and add a belt which will define your waist.




If you carry your weight in your hip, bottom and thigh area –

  • Try the mid-rise or the high- rise
  • Avoid the super high waisted and low waisted jeans.
  • Go for a relaxed skinny pair teamed with a pair of boots.
  • Jeans with a slight flare. Team them up with a pair of heels which will give a longer and leaner look.
  • If flats is your choice go for a pointy pair instead of the round toe.

For the curvy girls

who are round in the tummy and fuller in the bust-

  • Try the mid-rise or the low- rise.
  • Sit down in the dressing room and see which is most comfortable.
  • If you have a flat bottom go for detailed pockets
  • If you feel your bottom is too curvy avoid any detail or contrast stitching on the pockets.

For the tall, lean, long-legged girls

  • Go for the low- rise as the high-rise may unbalance your body shape.

Trends come and go.


Distressed denim is a current trend. Just be careful where the fading and tears sit, as they will draw attention and emphasize those parts of your body.


I feel a pair of dark indigo denim jeans is stylish and dateless as they can be transformed from day to night.
Ladies don’t focus on the sizes as they vary from store to store. I have different 3 pairs of jeans in three different sizes and all are the same fit!
Hopefully I have armed you with some handy hints which will lead to the perfect pair of jeans for your body shape. Go out and have fun trying on jeans.

Spring 2016 Seasonal Colours.

Spring is a transition from a cold, dark and dreary winter to a warm, bright and energetic Spring.

Spring colours

The Spring colours transform our wardrobe and give it an energetic feeling.

Some of us may join a gym, start walking or even go for a run to change from our winter hibernation and our style of cooking may change as well. Instead of warm, heavy comfort food we tend to go for light and fresh meals.
yellow and white

The garden is my favourite place in Spring; watching the buds and blossoms appearing, then the sudden burst of colour as flowers bloom. And this is what you will find in my wardrobe too.
But you don’t have to rush out and spend a fortune to bring your wardrobe into Spring; inject the fashion colours into your wardrobe with accessories. A scarf, necklace, bag, shoes hat or even sunglasses will lift an outfit.


Remember that the colours of the season come and go so choose three fashion colours that can be mixed and matched with your existing wardrobe. Mostly importantly choose the colours that suit you best, colours that make your skin look brighter and your eyes sparkle.
black and red themeFor me, Fiesta Red is a high energy colour, Green Flash is my pop of colour for the season and Iced coffee will be my neutral.
What colours are you going to inject into your wardrobe?
blog_jeans7 Have fun playing with the colours of the season and remember, shop from your own wardrobe first.


What ‘Body Shape’ Am I?

This is a question I’m often asked, especially after I’ve presented at a function. But just putting a name to a body shape on its own may not help you.

I’ll tell you a little story.


I was invited to present my workshop ”How to Dress your Body shape” to a group of twenty women who were, of course, all different age groups, shapes and sizes.

As the workshop progressed I realised that every woman in the room was an ‘inverted triangle’ body shape – of some sort. But not one lady fitted into the same style of clothing. Some were very short, another had a very long torso and short legs, some were large busted and others were small busted. One lady had a short neck, which affects the neckline she is able to wear. Some ladies had a tummy and one lady was very low waisted. All perfectly normal but all different versions of an inverted triangle.


I’m sure you can see that there are so many different variables affecting how you dress your body shape. It’s all about understanding what works for YOU.


So let’s get started with this quick guide on how to highlight, or disguise, by what garments you wear and how you wear them.


Firstly, you need to stand in front of the mirror. Yes, that’s right, you need to look at your body shape.


Now it’s time to ask yourself a few questions.


Start at the top – Are my shoulders wider or narrower than my hip or are they about the same?


Then the middle – Do I have a defined waistline or does it run level with my hip line?


Ladies, here are the options. Remember it’s all about balance –



If your shoulders are wider than your hips your body shape is known as an Inverted Triangle.

  • Avoid bulky garments on your upper body, big-shouldered jackets and double breasted jackets.
  • Aim to highlight your waistline
  • Create a hipline – you’re lucky, you can wear printed pants or printed skirts.



If your shoulders are narrower than your hips and you have a defined waistline you are known as Triangle body shape.

You need the opposite to an inverted triangle – you can wear what they can’t so –

  • Add detail to your upper half
  • Keep it simple on your lower part.
  • Avoid pleat and detailed pockets on your bottom, bulky fabrics or anything that clings to your hip area.
  • Don’t drown your body shape and hide your waistline.



If your shoulder and hips are the same width and you don’t have a defined waistline you are known as a Square or, if you have a long torso, you are a Rectangle

Your aim is to emphasise a waistline or create the illusion of a waistline balanced by shoulders and hips.

  • By wearing garments that will widen your shoulder and hipline to give the illusion of an hourglass body shape.
  • Avoid boxy and unstructured clothing, especially loose baggy tops.
  • Choose garments that have darts or panels to give you a curvy look.




If you’re fuller in the bust and are round in the middle and your shoulders and arms are broad you are known as a Circle.

Again, you want to create the illusion of a waistline so

  • Avoid large prints and patterns, high necklines, stiff bulky fabrics.
  • Draw the attention to your neck and face area by using a gorgeous necklace.
  • Always choose open necklines.
  • Try to create a vertical line with a scarf or a long lined jacket or vest, which will make you appear taller and thinner.


If you’ve got great legs show them off.




If your hips and shoulder are about the same width and you have a defined waistline? Then you’re an Hourglass, or are you a Curvy Hourglass? Or are you fuller in the bust and do you have a curvy butt?

You’re lucky, you have a balanced body shape but you have to be careful you don’t unbalance it, especially if you’re a Curvy Hourglass. Most curvy women try and hide their curves by wearing boxy and boofy clothing which then makes them appear shorter and wider. Such a shame.

To make the most of this shape

  • Wear structured clothing, garments that skim your body shape and highlight your waist.
  • Before purchasing a top or dress hold it up to look at it. If it looks like your body shape then you’re on the right track.
  • Large busted girls choose open necklines



Have fun playing in your wardrobe and remember – shop from your own wardrobe first.



Ankle Vs Knee high boots


I’m often asked what is a “must have” in my Winter wardrobe.


For me it would definitely have to be a pair of boots. I love both the ankle and the knee high boots.


The ankle boot suits most body shapes but if you are short just take care – you’ll need to match the colour of your boots with your pants or leggings . Avoid contrast as it will make you appear shorter and wider. They look best with Boyfriend jeans, light coloured skinny jeans, printed tights and a mid-length skirt. My favourite look is a tan coloured ankle boot teamed with a printed dress and a denim jacket – it’s a great trans- seasonal outfit.




Calf length boots look best on long lanky legs as they add volume to the calves. If you have large calf muscles make sure you avoid this style. They look best with shorts, a mini skirt, or an above the knee flowing skirt or dress.



Knee highs look great on the curvy girls with a knee length dress as they make the leg appear longer and slimmer. They look best with skinny legged jeans, tights and knee length dresses straight or flared. Avoid light coloured jeans and dark coloured knee high boots. My favourite casual look is a pair of black Ponte pants , a white shirt, a bright coloured cropped jumper teamed with a leather jacket and my pointy toed knee highs.



One of the latest trends is the “Thigh high boots”. If you’re tall and thin and you want that edgy look give them a go. The short girls will look even shorter and the curvy girls will appear larger. They look best with skinny legged jeans, shorts, a short skirt or a pair of tights.


How to organise your wardrobe


When did you last play around in your wardrobe?


It’s something I do quite often, I’m always so busy running around with work and family I need to have my outfits prepared for the week ahead.

Firstly I check the weather report and my diary then I start playing dress up, creating different outfits out of my wardrobe to suit each occasion.

Some days I may need two or three different looks in the one day, it may only be as simple as changing my accessories or adding a jacket.


Now it’s time for you to do your own wardrobe edit.
You will need to try on your garments.


Step 1. Create four different piles.


  • Donate it – too tight, too big, not in good condition, fashion disaster or totally wrong colour.
  • Hang it – perfect fit.
  • Fix It – needs help to look great.
  • May Be – fashion comeback.


Step 2. You don’t know where to start?


  • Does it still have the tag on it? That’s the first garment to start with.
  • Do you love it? Why? Is it the colour or cut?
  • Does it fit your personality and lifestyle?
  • Is it still in good condition?
  • Does it fit your body shape?
  • Is it too loose or too tight?
  • Is it the right length?
  • Can you use it to mix and match with?
  • Are you hanging onto garments, cluttering your wardrobe hoping to fit into it some day?



Step 3. Now you have your piles sorted.
We are working with the ‘keep it’ pile.

Lay your garment on the bed. More questions to ask yourself.

  • Where am I going to wear these garments? Your lifestyle.
  • Can I mix and match these garments to create different outfits.
  • Can they be styled into this season’s fashion?
  • Have I got the same style in my wardrobe?
  • Are all my garments Black?
  • What colours am I drawn to?


Step 4. Accessorising.
Drag out all your accessories and play around with the outfits you created.
Pull out the shoes see if you can dress up an outfit with heels and dress it down with flats.

  • How many outfits can you wear with one pair of shoes?


Step 5. Filling the gaps.



What do I need to complete my wardrobe to bring it up to this season’s fashion?
Make a list and go shopping, take the garments with you that want to mix and match with.
You may only need accessories in this season’s colours to complete your wardrobe.
You need to do this exercise every season then you’ll have a workable and fashionable wardrobe to play with.

How to Dress for Smart Casual


One of my clients who was in a delima called me today and said she has just received an invitation marked ‘smart casual attire’.


What should I wear? Smart casual is one of the hardest to dress for because there are so many interpretations.


As Aussies we seem to dress down for most occasions. If I said the words smart casual to my hubby Dave, he would automatically gravitate to the short and thongs.  So what should you wear?


Firstly I’d ask where and when – where is the venue and is it day or evening.


For the guys, a tie is optional, pants or a pair of good chinos with a long sleeve shirt . In the cooler months a sports coat always looks smart. If you don’t have a sports coat a suit jacket can work. No Joggers, shoes always make a huge difference to an outfit.




Another question I’m always asked is ‘can I wear jeans?’


If it is a day event a pair of dark indigo jeans teamed up with a long sleeved shirt and a sports coat or suit coat can look very stylish and of course no joggers.
Just a little hint guys. When purchasing a shirt always try it on and sit down and make sure the buttons aren’t popping, there’s nothing worse.
Ladies there are so many options,

  • a knee length tailored dress,
  • tailored pants with a glamourous top, with a touch of bling – remember, if the top has bling don’t overload with the necklace.
  • A skirt, top and jacked is another option.
  • Ladies the full skirt is making a comeback and with right top it can look very stylish.

Ladies, it’s not a cocktail party –  so if wearing a black dress add a touch of colour to give that casual look. Definitely no jeans and no tights!


If it’s a day event, a colourful maxi dress looks great.
Try to wear a pair of heels – you can wear wedges and remember, flats always dress down an outfit.


A clutch or small bag adds a touch of class.
Just a little hint ladies. Make sure the garment skims not clings to your body shape. This helps disguise those lumps and bumps.
With party season just around the corner I hope my blog helps to determine what wear and what not to wear.
If you require my services call me on 0400 108 959


Twelve Tips to help you find the Perfect Neckline


Have you ever found yourself in this situation?


You’ve been invited out to a casual dinner, you want to buy a new top to wear with your jeans, its four (4 pm) Saturday afternoon the shops are about to close, youré feeling frustrated and you just grab the first top you come across and it barely fits!
Well don’t fret, you’re not the only one. Most women don’t have enough time when they are out shopping, get in a fluster and grab the first top they come across – without considering the colour, fit or neckline.


For the large busted girls.


  • An open necklines is the way to go.
  • A deep V works on most women
  • The scoop neckline works well as it allows you to wear a statement necklace.
  • A sweetheart neckline is my favourite as it is a combination of the deep V and has the openness of the scoop neckline.
  • Try and avoid this season’s current trend, the turtle neckline as it will give the illusion that you are wider and larger.
  • Keep your neckline simple and free of any bulk.



For the small busted ladies


  • If you want a bit more cleavage we always start with a good push up bra.
  • This season’s current trend the turtle neck it works well as it gives the illusion of a fuller bust line.
  • Wear tops with ruffles and embellishment which will enhance your bust line.
  • Tops with pockets will add to the appearance of a fuller bust.
  • Make use of horizontal stripes or patterns to give the illusion of a larger bust line.
  • Avoid loose and baggy tops they defiantly won’t help you.




Ladies, have fun experimenting with your tops and remember, shop from your own wardrobe first before you hit the stores.