Spring shoe trends!

Spring is time for that pedicure you’ve been putting off as toe-baring shoes are the latest trend.

If you don’t like to show off your toes, don’t despair – Slides and Mules look just as good.

shoes 1

I’m a shorty, so this season I’m steering towards nude shoes and sandals the focus will be on my garments and I may even look taller.

shoes 2

Guess what ? You may remember the see through PVC plastic shoes. Well they are back for that nineties look. If you are going to purchase a pair, take note, they need to be cleaned inside and out after every wear, to keep them looking sharp.


Look what I found tucked away! It’s true, I still have a pair of blue and PVC shoes. I’m set for this Spring.

shoes 4

If you want a bit of a heel with your floaty dress or shorts a canvas and woven wedge shoe will give your outfit a relaxed and stylish look. Just be careful,  some styles tie around the ankles which may make you appear shorter.

shoes 3

If you like sparkle, bling or pearls you’re going to have so much fun adding them to either your day or evening outfit. Barefoot Bling is quickly becoming very popular with brides at Beachside Weddings.

shoes 5

Ladies, an interesting pair of shoes is a great conversation starter. If you’re wearing your favourite quirky pair of shoes at a function where you don’t know anyone, making a connection is easy if someone makes a comment.  Test it next time you’re out, it works!


Ankle Vs Knee high boots


I’m often asked what is a “must have” in my Winter wardrobe.


For me it would definitely have to be a pair of boots. I love both the ankle and the knee high boots.


The ankle boot suits most body shapes but if you are short just take care – you’ll need to match the colour of your boots with your pants or leggings . Avoid contrast as it will make you appear shorter and wider. They look best with Boyfriend jeans, light coloured skinny jeans, printed tights and a mid-length skirt. My favourite look is a tan coloured ankle boot teamed with a printed dress and a denim jacket – it’s a great trans- seasonal outfit.




Calf length boots look best on long lanky legs as they add volume to the calves. If you have large calf muscles make sure you avoid this style. They look best with shorts, a mini skirt, or an above the knee flowing skirt or dress.



Knee highs look great on the curvy girls with a knee length dress as they make the leg appear longer and slimmer. They look best with skinny legged jeans, tights and knee length dresses straight or flared. Avoid light coloured jeans and dark coloured knee high boots. My favourite casual look is a pair of black Ponte pants , a white shirt, a bright coloured cropped jumper teamed with a leather jacket and my pointy toed knee highs.



One of the latest trends is the “Thigh high boots”. If you’re tall and thin and you want that edgy look give them a go. The short girls will look even shorter and the curvy girls will appear larger. They look best with skinny legged jeans, shorts, a short skirt or a pair of tights.


Twelve Tips to help you find the Perfect Neckline


Have you ever found yourself in this situation?


You’ve been invited out to a casual dinner, you want to buy a new top to wear with your jeans, its four (4 pm) Saturday afternoon the shops are about to close, youré feeling frustrated and you just grab the first top you come across and it barely fits!
Well don’t fret, you’re not the only one. Most women don’t have enough time when they are out shopping, get in a fluster and grab the first top they come across – without considering the colour, fit or neckline.


For the large busted girls.


  • An open necklines is the way to go.
  • A deep V works on most women
  • The scoop neckline works well as it allows you to wear a statement necklace.
  • A sweetheart neckline is my favourite as it is a combination of the deep V and has the openness of the scoop neckline.
  • Try and avoid this season’s current trend, the turtle neckline as it will give the illusion that you are wider and larger.
  • Keep your neckline simple and free of any bulk.



For the small busted ladies


  • If you want a bit more cleavage we always start with a good push up bra.
  • This season’s current trend the turtle neck it works well as it gives the illusion of a fuller bust line.
  • Wear tops with ruffles and embellishment which will enhance your bust line.
  • Tops with pockets will add to the appearance of a fuller bust.
  • Make use of horizontal stripes or patterns to give the illusion of a larger bust line.
  • Avoid loose and baggy tops they defiantly won’t help you.




Ladies, have fun experimenting with your tops and remember, shop from your own wardrobe first before you hit the stores.