Colour Trend – 2018

2018 is off and running.

Ladies it’s a new year and time to give your wardrobe a refresh.
If you are a lover of mauve, lilac or purple you’re in luck as the Pantone colour of 2018 is violet.

Pantone of 2018 is violet
Pantone of 2018 is violet


Purple is the colour of luxury, power, royalty and ambition.
Purple is also known as the colour of peace, magic and independence.

There are many variations of violets and purples so choose one that suits your skin tone and personality.


Inject the colour of the year into your wardrobe with accessories.







I’ve put together some colour combinations to give you some ideas.











Join the trend by finding your favourite shade of purple

I would love to hear what
you came up with.

Summer Trends 2017 – 2018


Many of my clients feel the garments already in their wardrobes may be dated, and ask me about whether they should be wearing them. My answer is, if you love it and it fits you well you can make it work by adding accessories in the current fashion colours or teaming it with on trend extras; like that skirt you love with an off the shoulder top.


Florals and ruffles are still with us this season and teamed with your favourite pants or jeans will give you an on-trend look.


As for colour, different shade of yellow, and my own “go to” colour red are the colours of the season. You can never go wrong with a crisp white top teamed with your favourite denim jeans – just add a pop of colour with fashion jewellery or a printed scarf.

Summer trend 2

The Paper bag waist skirts, shorts and pants have made a comeback. Be careful with these as they may add bulk in the tummy area if the fabric is stiff.  Look for fabric that falls and doesn’t crease easily.


Always team the paper bag waist with a body skimming top. Gorgeous Lauren has allowed me to share her photo with you.

Summer trend 1


Fit and flare dresses or skirts are a fun classy look that you can dress up or down.

The latest fashion trend is the Robe. I bet you’re thinking, how do I wear it?

Summer trend 4

Have fun with this look – be creative and mix your textures and colours to give you an individual look.  I’ve found a few styling ideas for you.

Just remember, if you’re short like me don’t drown yourself with too much fabric.Summer trend 3





What is ‘Age Appropriate” ?

This question comes up all the time –


  • I’m 50,
  • I’m a mum now,
  • I’m over 60, I don’t want to look like mutton dressed up as lamb.
  • Should I throw away my jeans?
  • Can I still wear knee high boots?
  • Do I need to cut my hair?

Some women still believe in age-related fashion. I believe a number shouldn’t define you.


In my opinion, the 50 of today definitely isn’t the 50 of yesterday! I’ve met and styled many women in their 50s who are in amazing shape and can carry or ‘pull off’ many different outfits.


  • If a garment fits you well and you’re not bursting out of it;
  • If it skims your body shape and disguises the bits you’re not happy with and highlight the areas you love about yourself;
  • If the colour highlights your skin and makes your eyes sparkle;
  • If you feel amazing in it.

Then you’re on the right track!


Some ladies prefer to choose a style that they would like to portray.

Others have asked me “What style am I?”.


I encourage you to find your own style with an exercise I love.


Go through some of the latest magazines and cut out pictures of garments and accessories you are drawn to and would love to wear.

On a large piece of cardboard form up a collage, piecing the pictures together in a way that is pleasing to you.


That’s it, you now have ‘your’ style.

If you keep this collage in mind, or take a snapshot of it on your phone, it will help you when you undertake your own wardrobe edit or go on your next shopping trip.   My own collage was put together 5 years ago and as you can see, the style and colour of garments and accessories are really ‘me’. I love colour and structure in my clothing, though at times I do also like  the relaxed Boho look.


Antoinettes Style Collage


Ladies the most important thing to remember is that the size on the tag doesn’t matter, it’s the fit that counts.


Next time you go shopping, challenge yourself go into a store where you’ve never shopped and flick through the racks – you’ll be surprised at what you can find.  Most women I’ve shopped with are surprised at the variety of stores where I source garments.


I believe you shouldn’t limit yourself to certain stores just because you think they cater for a certain age group.


Is there a garment in your wardrobe that you absolutely love but it’s not working for you anymore – and you just can’t bear to give it away. (It maybe something you bought on an overseas trip, it may have belonged to someone close to you).  Why not have it revamped.

This is something I do quite often with my garments, it’s simple and usually doesn’t cost much at all. The result is a garment that fits you perfectly and gives you an individual look.


Ladies remember, don’t let a number define you – whether it’s your age or the size of the garment.


Love your look and always dress with confidence!

7 Summer Trends


The weather is becoming warmer and the days are getting longer. Now, let’s have a look and see what’s in your wardrobe. What can you use to create some new and fashionable outfits just by adding a few bits and pieces to your existing wardrobe?


Dateless denim is still big this summer.  High waisted flares are being embraced by most age groups. If you have a pair tucked away in the back of the wardrobe dig them out and tuck in your favourite shirt and wear with a pair of wedged shoes. A denim vest can be your ‘go to’ instead of a cardie or shrug this season.





Metallic accessories and clothing.  How many times have you worn that silver or gold pair of shoes that is still hidden in the back of the wardrobe? Next time you’re going out to lunch with girls add a touch of glamour to your casual outfit.


Accessories can make or break an outfit.  If you want to update some of your accessories, statement or mismatched earrings, are the go.  Chokers, oversized sun glasses and head scarves are also all the rage.





Experiment with cuffs and multiple bangles


Grandmas brooch is making a comeback, I’ve pulled mine out ready to go.


You may have noticed white is a popular summer trend, a white bag will give your outfit that fresh summer look.


If you can pull it off, mismatched garments and pattern clashing will give you an individual look.




Ladies, shop from your wardrobe first, make a list to fill the gaps, then hit the shops with a defiant look in mind.