Colour Trend – 2018

2018 is off and running.

Ladies it’s a new year and time to give your wardrobe a refresh.
If you are a lover of mauve, lilac or purple you’re in luck as the Pantone colour of 2018 is violet.

Pantone of 2018 is violet
Pantone of 2018 is violet


Purple is the colour of luxury, power, royalty and ambition.
Purple is also known as the colour of peace, magic and independence.

There are many variations of violets and purples so choose one that suits your skin tone and personality.


Inject the colour of the year into your wardrobe with accessories.







I’ve put together some colour combinations to give you some ideas.











Join the trend by finding your favourite shade of purple

I would love to hear what
you came up with.

Summer Trends 2017 – 2018


Many of my clients feel the garments already in their wardrobes may be dated, and ask me about whether they should be wearing them. My answer is, if you love it and it fits you well you can make it work by adding accessories in the current fashion colours or teaming it with on trend extras; like that skirt you love with an off the shoulder top.


Florals and ruffles are still with us this season and teamed with your favourite pants or jeans will give you an on-trend look.


As for colour, different shade of yellow, and my own “go to” colour red are the colours of the season. You can never go wrong with a crisp white top teamed with your favourite denim jeans – just add a pop of colour with fashion jewellery or a printed scarf.

Summer trend 2

The Paper bag waist skirts, shorts and pants have made a comeback. Be careful with these as they may add bulk in the tummy area if the fabric is stiff.  Look for fabric that falls and doesn’t crease easily.


Always team the paper bag waist with a body skimming top. Gorgeous Lauren has allowed me to share her photo with you.

Summer trend 1


Fit and flare dresses or skirts are a fun classy look that you can dress up or down.

The latest fashion trend is the Robe. I bet you’re thinking, how do I wear it?

Summer trend 4

Have fun with this look – be creative and mix your textures and colours to give you an individual look.  I’ve found a few styling ideas for you.

Just remember, if you’re short like me don’t drown yourself with too much fabric.Summer trend 3





Tips and Hints on How to Highlight Your Best Assets


The months ahead are definitely going to be warmer and its swim wear weather – you can’t escape it.

In Australia our summers can be extremely hot, especially if we are holidaying on the coast or visiting family in regional areas. And wherever we are we seem to be surrounded by water.

With that in mind, I’ve had a few of my clients asking what style of swimwear suits their body shape best?


There are many styles and heaps of rules, so today I thought I’d share tips and hints on how to highlight your best assets.


Choose swimwear that is made from a good quality lycra and remember the following.


  • Look for support in bust and bottom area.
  • Hi cut bikini bottoms will elongate your legs
  • Boy leg pants may make your hips look wider
  • Halter tops, bra style tops and tie front will draw the attention to your bust line
  • Use patterns, colour or details to highlight the parts of your body you LOVE
  • Use a darker solid colour in areas where you don’t want attention focused
  • Disguise your tummy with ruching or gathering
  • An all over print will disguise all those lumps and bumps
  • Frills and ruffles are the latest trend and they add volume to your bustline – great for small busted girls.


I’m always hearing complaints about back fat, so no matter what shape you might be, avoid narrow, tight straps that will dig into your skin – go for wide straps where you can.


We all have different body shapes, as I have explained in my previous article “What Body Shape Am I?”  , so use the guides below to find the right swimwear for YOUR body shape.


Inverted triangle body shape

This shape is easy to dress as your shoulders are broader than your hips. So consider the following –


  • Highlight your waistline.
  • Side panels will give the illusion of a waistline
  • Strapless
  • Halter neck or a deep V -neckline

Avoid the following –

  • a racer back
  • skinny bra strap style
  • high necklines


Inverted 3



Hourglass body shape

If this is you, you’re lucky,  with a balanced body shape and almost all styles will work.


  • Halter neck
  • Strapless
  • Bra strap style
  • Side panels
  • Remember to highlight your waist
  • If you have a tummy go for ruching or patterns which will disguise the problem area


hourglass 3 v2

Triangle body shape

Your shoulder are narrower than your hips and you generally have fuller hips and thicker thighs, but don’t despair, follow these tips


  • Work with your shoulders
  • Try to bring the focus to your upper half with frills patterns or colour.
  • Halter neck
  • Strapless or one shoulder
  • Keep your bottom simple, choose a darker solid colour.
  • Hi-cut will elongate your legs
  • High waisted bottoms will flatten the tummy and highlight the waist


Triangle 3


Square body shape

Your body tends to be very straight up and down so the aim is to give the illusion of a waistline .


  • Halter neck
  • Frills and ruffles will create curves to your body shape
  • Go for diagonal lines and avoid horizontal stripes as they may make you look boxy
  • Bright prints and florals will give the illusion of a curvy body
  • Avoid a solid colour
  • Curved side panels will work


Square 3



Circle body shape

You carry your weight in the middle and usually have great legs. Lets take the emphasis away from the middle.


  • Hi cut leg will draw the attention away from your tummy and to your legs.
  • Low cut front usually a Deep V
  • Choose a darker colour to slim down the body, you can work with two solid colours.
  • Crossover front works well.
  • Avoid swimwear with horizontal stripes as they will make you appear wider.
  • Wide Straps to support the bust area
  • Try a one-side cossie which will draw the eye away from your middle.
  • An  A-lined top with a structured bra teamed with high waisted briefs

Circle 3

Tips for the most effective Shopping trip



Tips and Hints


We all know how frustrating it can be when trying on garments in a dressing room on a shopping trip. I want to share my tips and hints on what to consider while you’re in there, to get the best out of your money and time.


Lighting –  the colours of the garment may look brighter in the daylight so  make sure you check if unsure.


Look directly at yourself in the mirror, not down. Looking down at yourself will make you appear larger.


Armholesask yourself, ‘is my bra showing? Is the armhole too tight and is it causing excess skin to pop out? Not a good look.


Shoulder straps– makes sure the straps sit firmly on your shoulders; there is nothing worse than fiddling around with your straps while you’re out at a function. You should be comfortable that they are in place.

shopping tips 2

Neckline – V Necklines suit most body shapes. If you’re small busted look for the current frill and ruffle trends, which will create the illusion of a larger bust. If you’re large busted go for open V necklines and keep it simple.



Waist lines -before you start your shopping spree, it very important to know whether a high-rise or mid-rise pant or jeans suits your body shape best.


Hemlines – For most women, dress or skirt hem lengths are on or above the knee. The length can also depend on the style of shoes you choose to wear with your outfit.


Button-up shirts –  make sure you’re not bursting out. If it’s a stretch fabric make sure the neckline fits you firmly otherwise it will keep slipping down.



Shoulder Jackets and tops with a set-in sleeve should have the seam sitting on your shoulder and not drooping off onto your arm.



Prints and patterns – the general rule is that large prints add volume and small prints and vertical stripes decrease volume and disguise any lumps or bumps. An example – if you are large busted avoid large flowers on your bust area!Patterns

Horizontal stripes  – they do say these add volume but I’ve found with most of my clients it can actually disguise any lumps or bumps and appear quite slimming, when teamed up with a longer line, plain jacket or vest.


Avoid loose, baggy and shapeless clothing. What I really want you to remember is that unless you’re going to wear it over your swimwear, worn poolside or at the beach, don’t wear it at all.


Before you purchase your next garment ask yourself ‘what am I going to wear it with and how many different outfits can I create with this garment?’

A job, a journey, a friendship…


Three years ago, not long after the launch of All About Style, I was asked to present my business to a group of ladies at a ‘BRAS’ networking meeting.

Little did I know that morning was going to lead to a close friendship and an adventure that I would never have dreamed of.

I was a bit nervous for my very first presentation, with some new and familiar faces all listening to me speak about my passion. That was the morning I first met Reshmi Kumar – remember this name! She introduced herself as the founder of Investor Women, a business which helps women invest in properties, to give themselves a future of financial freedom.


After chatting with Reshmi about our respective businesses she booked a styling package for both herself and her husband. Over time I learned more about Reshmi and Investor Women and our business relationship grew into a close friendship.


In December 2014, 12 months after we first met, Reshmi came to me and said “I’m going to India and you’re coming with me”.

“India, why India” I asked. To which she replied ” I want to record an album”.

And I didn’t even know she could sing !


I knew Reshmi only as a very astute business woman, not a singer. Reshmi explained to me that it was her childhood dream to record an album and that Investor Women was started in order to fund this dream. She wanted me to be part of it, as both her friend and personal stylist.



Wow, what an adventure. Travelling to another country, where the culture is so different to ours, and to be able to use my skill and expertise to style and dress Reshmi appropriately for each song, was fantastic.


Before leaving I had to source garments and create outfits to suit each song, as they were all going to be filmed and recorded. To do so I had to learn about each song and what it meant.



Styling someone not only means looking at their body shapes but what is needed for the occasion. All the garments were sourced from Australia prior to travelling to Mumbai as I wanted to showcase our Australian Labels in India.


The trip was a great success. Reshmi recorded her first album, with some songs requiring 6 different outfit changes! A Fijian Indian female recording an album in India was a first and we made the most of it.


Spending a fortnight in India, experiencing the culture, the food and the music industry is something that had never entered my mind – why would it? The recording days were long and tiring but an amazing experience.


I’ll tell you a little story.  One evening, as we returned to the motel after midnight, we were both tired and hungry. I asked the young gentleman at reception if we could order a snack, to which he responded “madam, you can go to the restaurant”.


I was thinking, what’s going on in the restaurant, it’s after midnight? We had a little peek and could see everyone was all dressed up, chattering,  eating and having a fun night. It was ‘Midnight Buffet’.

Guess what? We ran upstairs, got dressed up and joined in. Now I know why they call Mumbai ‘the city that never sleeps’!


We returned home and reorganised ourselves for the video clips and early this year we returned to Mumbai, to launch Reshmi’s album “Lost in your Love” and to record her second album.





During that trip we were included as extras in a Bollywood shoot and met famous Bollywood actors and singers.  We were able to fit in a bit of shopping and I just had to buy myself an Indian outfit – the colours and fabrics are so beautiful.


Wow my passion, my business.  All About Style has taken me to so many places, friendships and experiences I never dreamed of.


Can’t wait to see what comes up next!