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I come to your home armed with my tape measure and pins where I determine your body shape. I have you try on your garments to establish what works and what doesn’t and why putting my style advice to work. If a garment needs to be altered to give you a perfect look, I can pin it for you.

I will get to know you and your lifestyle so I can create a perfect look for you. I’m honest and gentle about pieces that may not suit your body shape and I will explain why. I will show you what length jacket or shirt length suits you best. As it all about balance and proportion.

Learn how to:

  • Mix and match your garments to create an individual look;
  • Layer, to create your own unique look;
  • Incorporate the new season colours in your existing wardrobe.
  • Accessorise
  • Dress for success


I will take photos of our newly created outfits and make a list of garments and accessories
that you may need to fill the gaps.

It’s a lot of fun, I will help solve all your wardrobe dilemmas and you’ll feel confident every
time you open the wardrobe door.


My services are charged at $220.00 for the first two hours and $100.00 per hour thereafter.


  • “Thank you so much Antoinette for your personal service, sharing of your skills and knowledge and making this experience better than I could of imagined. I know that after our afternoon with you, you now have us 3 ladies who will proudly boast about you and even splash out and give this experience to someone dear to us as a gift too. I know that I am hoping to arrange some friends here on the Gold Coast to see if we can make it worth your while to travel… I need you too!!
    Thanks again and please stay in touch if you are here on the Gold Coast.”-By Kim
  • “Thank you so much for all your tips Antoinette. I will certainly be more aware about what to put together in the future. We all had a lovely day and I have told a number of my friends all about you and the knowledge you have when it comes to ‘ looking our best’.”-By kate
  • “I really enjoyed meeting you. The short time that we spent together was very enjoyable and greatly beneficial. It changed my way of thinking regarding my own personal style. I feel I have a lot more confidence now to try something a little different. I thought it was really great the way you were able to show me how to use my existing wardrobe in a different way. I have already been shopping and practiced some of my newly learned skills. “-By Lyn
  • “It was good fun (but also exhausting). Thanks for all your patience!”-By Silke
  • “I wanted to say a big thank you to you for making me appreciate my body. I really enjoyed the wardrobe audit.I realised I don’t need to buy more clothes as you showed me with what I have already have, how I can have many different looks.
    Thanks for showing me how to layer with my existing wardrobe. I feel now I can have more mileage from my clothes.It was a great morning.”-By Nada
  • “I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday morning – I had an absolute ball and it was a great boost to my self esteem knowing that I was on the right track when it came to fashion choices and colours that suited me.
    I also learned a lot about colour co-ordinating and what pieces I could mix and match – even though I did clean out a lot of clothes I feel I have more choices now in the clothes I still have in my wardrobe.Thanks again and I am really looking forward to our shopping trip in a couple of weeks”-By Carolyn
  • “I am happy with my wardrobe (finally!).Followed your advice and took the skirts to the shops so I can find a few matching tops.That was perfect. I even bought a few more skirts (now I have a total of 5) and have plenty of tops to wear with. I wear skirts most of the time now at work, what a change!Even my colleagues say I look so much nicer in skirt”-By Silke
  • “I didn’t realise it was more my confidence and not my clothes and now I know this its amazing. Just so so amazing. My mind has been open to so much I didn’t realise and now the sky is the limit.”-By Jacqueline

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Edit your Wardrobe with Antoinette Stonham
Update your Wardrobe with Antoinette Stonham

Fill those hangers with a new wardrobe designed by Update your Wardrobe with Antoinette Stonham
An example of a wardrobe design style designed by Antoinette Stonham

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