A Shopping Trip

A Shopping Trip

A Shopping Trip

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  • Personalised service
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  • Learn How To Dress For Your Shape

Shop With Confidence While Saving Money!

Shopping for the perfect outfit becomes easier when you shop with Antoinette Stonham from All About Style.

A Personal Shopping trip with Antoinette Stonham gives you the knowledge of what to buy, where to buy it, and what suits your needs. No more impulse buys of ill-fitting garments, your purchases will give you a smile that’s beaming with confidence.

Included in your All About Style Personal Shopping booking:

  • Pre-shop completed prior to your booking to save you time.
  • Meet for coffee and a chat so I can share what is planned for the day.
  • Your garments are gathered in the shop planned for you to visit, ready for you to play dress up.
  • We talk about how each garment works for your body shape, personality, and your complexion.
  • At the end, we review your selections and only purchase what you need to complete your wardrobe, within your budget.

Why Choose A Personal Shopping Trip?

  • Stress-free shopping
  • Value for money
  • Enhance your confidence
  • Invest in key pieces
  • Fun with fashion
  • Discover your inner style

Virtual Styling Available

All About Style Personal Styling Shopping Trips are also available virtually. Shop your style without leaving your home.

Virtual Shopping trips are conducted via private Zoom Video link. Antoinette still does a pre-shop via online and organises websites to visit and works with you and your Styling Goals to find and purchase outfits that suit you.

No Affiliations:

At All About Style, Antoinette Stonham prides herself on providing unbiased opinions on fashion and personal styling. Each personal shopping trip with Antoinette from All About Style has no affiliations with any stores, brands or shopping centres. Rest assured that if Antoinette Stonham chooses a garment it’s because she believes you will look amazing.