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Wardrobe Edit
All About Style Personal Stylist Sydney Antoinette Stonham Wardrobe Edit
All About Style Personal Stylist Wardrobe Edit Dress For Your Shape

Wardrobe Edit

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  • Learn How To Dress For Your Shape

Save Time And Money With An All About Style Wardrobe Edit

A wardrobe edit with Antoinette Stonham from All About Style saves you money as those previous purchases no longer go to waste. We will work together to create a mix and match wardrobe to suit everyday life and your next big occasion.

Find the key pieces you already own.

Discover the purchases you have been too afraid to wear.

Alter garments to get the perfect fit.

Create a variety of outfits from your existing wardrobe.

Why Choose A Wardrobe Edit?

A wardrobe edit is perfect for those who are wearing the same 20% of your wardrobe over and over again.


A wardrobe edit is perfect for those who've lost or gained weight and their shape has changed.


A wardrobe edit is perfect for those who've started a new job and want a fresh start.

A wardrobe edit with Antoinette from All About Style will help you gain the ability to:

  • Dress for your new size
  • Eliminate wardrobe anxiety
  • Shop Smarter
  • Dress for Success
  • Personal Business Branding
  • Trans-seasonal dressing

How Does A Wardrobe Edit Work?

1. Book in your Wardrobe

Select the date, time, location and make payment.

2. Before your scheduled Wardrobe Edit

Once you have booked your Wardrobe edit, you will receive an email from Antoinette asking you a few questions so that Antoinette can understand a little bit about you, your lifestyle and personality.

3. During your Wardrobe Edit

During your wardrobe edit, Antoinette gets to know all about you:

  • Lifestyle – Where are you going and what are you doing?
  • Personality – What lights you up and gives you confidence to attack the day
  • Colours – Identifying the tones that suit your complexion and personality
  • Body Shape – Teaching you what works, what to look for when shopping and why.
All About Style Personal Stylist Antoinette Stonham Work With Personal Stylist

Feel safe inviting Antoinette into your home, without judgment, just honesty and empowerment.

In Your Wardrobe Edit, You Will Learn:

  • The perfect length for pants, jackets and skirts to highlight your best assets.
  • How to choose garments to create balance and proportion for your body shape.
  • Your ‘WOW’ colours and how they enhance your confidence.
  • How to mix, match and accessorise to create looks for day and night.

 Let’s rip off those tags and get you wearing the clothes that bring you joy and happiness.

4. After Your Wardrobe Edit

Antoinette will follow up with you and see how you are going with your new found wardrobe and skills to dress with confidence.

Virtual Wardrobe Edits Available

Virtual Wardrobe Edits are available virtually via Zoom Video link. Antoinette will send you a private Zoom video link prior to your booked session. If you are unsure how Zoom works, Antoinette will provide instructions.

During your session you will share your screen and Antoinette will talk you through your garments and help you mix and match what you have to rediscover the treasures ready to have new life as new outfits.