2020 Spring Accessories

by Antoinette Stonham

You want to update your wardrobe but really don’t need any clothes – some new accessories will inject life and colour into your wardrobe, without costing you a fortune.

These is so much to choose from this Spring, no matter what style you love – from big and bold to soft and delicate.

Brooches have made a return in a big way, whether metal or fabric, flowers, insect or animal. Flower brooches worn in clusters can be fun and you can try it all until you get the look for you. I prefer intricate vintage brooches myself but I am also a very small build. If you are bigger, you can go for bolder!

Large necklace chains are all the rage and my pick is the colourful jewelled necklaces. If you like hair accessories you’ll love the different padded headbands which have become all the rage.

The 90s trend anklets and very wide wrist cuffs are in again and great fun.

Try floral bags, bucket bags, soft clutch bags or you may want invest in a woven bag – every one is in this season.

I love pearls because for me they never date. This spring both traditional and modern styed pearls are popular accessories, which I think is great.

Remember ladies go through your wardrobe and think about what colours you may need to complete your outfits. That way you not buying any random pieces that just don’t work with anything.