Sort Your Wardrobe for Spring 2021

by Antoinette Stonham

Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to do your wardrobe audit and get Spring Ready.

Hopefully we’ll be well out of lockdown by then!

Things To Think About Before You Start Sorting - 

Consider the garments you have in your wardrobe, with an eye to keeping – or not!

  • Is it in good condition or is it faded and falling apart?
  • Does it suit my current life style – Covid lockdowns excluded?
  • Does it fit me? Do I have to squeeze myself into it? Is it big and baggy, does it make me look bigger than what I am?
  • Does it suit my personality?
  • Does it suit my complexion?
  • How am I going to style the garment?
  • Where am I going to wear it?
  • And very importantly – does it put a smile on my face?

Now It’s Time To Start Sorting

I don’t want you to get overwhelmed especially if you have a very full wardrobe, so just do one section at a time.

Pull out one drawer at a time and empty the contents out on the bed.

Clean the drawer of dust, lint and old bits and don’t forget the roller tracks as well, to ensure it moves smoothly when you return it.

Start sorting into the following piles –

  • Keep It,
  • Donate it,
  • Bin it, Fix it,
  • May be,
  • Ask Antoinette

I like to roll my Gym gear, t-shirts, singlets, Pyjamas and scarves, you may prefer to fold and use drawer dividers.

Take your time, and try on your garments to make sure the still fit you properly and you want to keep them.

Once you have organised your wardrobe you can start playing dress-up and mixing and matching to create different outfits for the new season.

Make a list of garments and accessories you need to fill the gaps.

Then call Antoinette…