7 Autumn Fashion Trends For Men

by Antoinette Stonham

This seasons Autumn fashion for men is so easy to put together and integrate into an existing wardrobe.

Classic colours that never go out of style are beige, stone, winter white and navy. A velvet jacket looks great in this season’s fashion colours chocolate or burgundy .

Plaids and checks are trending in suits and for a smart casual sports coat. And speaking of suite, the double-breasted suit is making a comeback, but with a twist -the bottom button needs to be left unfastened.

jackets and hats

A bomber jacket or semi structured jacket, a statement jumper that can be teamed with dark indigo jeans or a classic pair of chinos are staple garments for the Autumn / Winter 2018 casual look.

shirtless collar bomber jkt

With that, a collarless shirt can dress up a pair of jeans or chinos and dress down a suit.

jumper and jeans

Puffer jackets or puffer vests for the early morning sporting events are very on-trend. And finally, for the hat people (or if you fancy trying out the look) the fedora, baseball, and fiddler hats are all trending.