7 Fashion Trends For Summer 2019

by Antoinette Stonham

There Is Something For Everyone To Love This Summer And Below Are 7 Trends That You Can Try.

Sequins, Sparkle and lots of bling have made a comeback and can be teamed up with denim for a day time look.

sequin and bling
polka dots 1

Florals and the timeless Polka Dots are a great addition to your wardrobe.

Jumpsuits in three quarter and full lengths are still very popular.

eighties look

You may have noticed the 80s Silhouette of puffy sleeves, shoulder pads and the cinched waist coming back in to give a more shapely look.

High waisted garments are staying with us again this summer.

high waist 2 e1545181502455
high waist 1 e1545181452288

You have a choice in colour this summer – choose between soft pastels of baby blue, soft pink and violet or the bold brights of red, emerald green and buttercup yellow.

brights e1545181575889
coral colour

Coral is the pantone colour for 2019.

Remember, Shop From Your Wardrobe First To Stop Any Impulse Purchases.