7 ways to style wide legged jeans.


The big 70s trend that seems to be overtaking skinny legged jeans is the high-rise, wide legged jeans. In saying that, the skinny legged jeans will never die.

Wide legged jeans can be very versatile as you can style them up or dress them down. I have chosen to go with the high-rise because they pull you in, in all in the right places and allow you to tuck in or wear with a crop top.

wide jeans and crop top

I have three different pairs to play with. All three are high-rise which I prefer for my body shape.

Below are some styling inspirations.

The traditional blue ridged denim are true vintage; I’ve had them since the late 70s.

The dark purple have a bit of stretch and are a softer denim. They are a bit longer in length and were purchased from Zara.

The light lilac pair are a ridged denim and are cropped in length. I purchased them from Country Road recently but they are nearly identical to my 70s pair!


Ladies, rummage around in your wardrobe, have a play and see what outfit ideas you can come up with.