All About Style Sydney Stylist Reviews

by Antoinette Stonham

I’m often ask what it is you actually do. Who uses a stylist? Why do I need a stylist? What can I learn? Is a visit with a stylist a one off thing?

The best way I could answer these questions, and many more, is to let my clients do it for me, both men and women…

Elisha Crismale

had the best day, thank you Antoinette. It really was a special day and a special moment when I said ‘yes’ to the dress, with your help xxxx

Angela Little

I spent the day with the fabulously stylish Antoinette this week, she is absolutely the Bomb! Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear? Invite Antoinette to help you! She is very knowledgeable on trands, fabrics, colours and what suits your body shape. Do yourself a favour, ask me for her number. It truly is worth it.



Thank you for the recent shopping trip with my daughter, she is not into clothes shopping but she had an absolute ball. You made the shopping experience enjoyable and took the pressure off both of us, which meant there were no mother daughter clashes which made for an enjoyable day. You also saved me a load of money as everything you helped her choose works together for many different looks and her whole wardrobe Is now taken care of. You made everything so easy for her from having everything ready for her to try on to changing some garments on the spot if she wasn’t sure. I also like how you were teaching her tips as you shopped with her. You send such a positive message regarding body image and wanted her to feel confident and happy in her own skin. I can’t wait for the next trip!


Maria Matthews Reviewed All About Style

What a great afternoon with a group of other mummies learning how to dress for our body shape after having babies. And for the first time ever I now know best colours that suit me! Antoinette was amazing, we learned so much . Thank you. Highly recommended


Ben Patterson Reviews All About Style

Antoinette is the best- she new exactly what shops would have clothes to fit and suit me and helped me mix and match as well as save $$$$-if you’ve been thinking about shopping with Antoinette – DO IT!! You’ll feel so great in your new wardrobe. Thanks for a great day.


Bryan Doyle Reviewed All About Style.

For several years now I have had the privilege of enjoying the professional guidance of Antoinette’s All About Style.

…. What  I found is that not only did she know fashion, but that she was absolutely committed to applying her professional independent style and colour advice to meet my needs.

The first step in the process was a wardrobe needs assessment and clearance. She then sourced an array of fashion shops that I would never have previously entered. In the each shop I was treated like a VIP customer with a preselected array of fashion and combinations ready to be tried on. Within the pre-set budget I purchased great looking, tailored business and casual combinations that I enjoy wearing every day. All this was achieved in an enjoyable shopping adventure, with a minimum of fuss, and provided outstanding value for money. In summary, All About Style is a small business with big dreams that makes her clients look their very best.


Tanisha Tottman

Best gift ever! I already had a fair idea of my style but Antionette truly helped me to understand the colours that make me look great and not only helped me clean out my closet of things that needed to go but helped me learn how to mix and match items I’ve had for ages and not wearing because I had decided they were office wear not casual wear. How wrong was I! …  I highly recommend Antionette because she not only knows her stuff she loves what she does and it shows in what she does for you. 10/10 from me! Thanks so much xx


Joanna Jakovljevic Recommends All About Style Personal Stylist

Thank you for a wonderful workshop yesterday! Never thought I would learn so much. In a such short time you made me learn a lot about myself and I am very greatfull for that. I felt kindness and I felt honesty. Thank you and I will definitely meet you in a furture for even more great advice.


Judith Bragado Viado

Thank you Antoinette Stonham… you did not only bring back the colour to my wardrobe but your encouragement and support have boosted my confidence and self-esteem…you truly are on a mission too in changing women entrepreneur like myself… thank you so much!!!

Tracey Patterson Recommends All About Style Person Stylist

What a wonderful afternoon mixing and matching all my new online purchases – now there is no excuses not to look and feel great. Thanks Antoinette, I will be wearing everything like you taught me!!! And sending back the items I didn’t need!


Jodie Gerardis, Shopping With All About Style

What a wonderful experience, arriving at Macarthur Square, having a coffee with the gorgeous Antoinette and then going to shops that already have clothes set aside for me to just try on and then decide if I like and want them.