Autumn Fashion Trends And Colours -2019

by Antoinette Stonham

Each season we are confronted with so many new styles, colours and trends that we need to be very careful when making a purchase – and, most importantly, how much to spend on a garment or a pair of shoes.

New trends aren’t going to suit everyone or fit with your life style, so it is important to build yourself a workable and fashionable wardrobe by purchasing basics that are a perfect fit. Then is it easy to add a new piece or two every season, to give your outfits that fresh and fashionable look.

olive green top black AIO
Pale Blue collection


While I was out and about just recently, I noticed that there are a variety of colours trending, depending which store you shop at. It could be beige and sand teamed with lemon yellow or grey or a cornflower blue jacket or blouse teamed with plaid pant or skirt.

I’m loving the rich reds and burgundies which look very dramatic worn from head to toe, in different tones.

If warm colours suit your complexion, you’re in luck this season. The colours burnt orange, olive, rust and beige look great on their own or colour blocked together.

You’ll see chocolate brown jackets, coats and boots making a comeback this season, in a very Autumnal palette.

Rust dress
floral and pink leather

Corduroy is a trend that comes and goes but seems to be coming in again
this season. Be very careful when choosing a garment as if it is too
thick and heavy it can add considerable bulk to your body shape.

Winter floral maxi dresses teamed with a vest, leather jacket or denim jacket and boots are also a staple in my wardrobe.

My favourite leopard print is huge this Autumn /Winter and is always part of my wardrobe.

leopard skirt and leather jacket 1
Gold and Silver

Matchy-matchy suiting is still trending but its not just for the office. A well-tailored pant suit can look very classy and replace that after five dress.

Boots are a staple in most Autumn/winter wardrobes and this season
there’s a huge variety, with something to suit everyone. You can choose
from many lengths, heel heights, colours and textures. Personally, I
tend to gravitate to a medium block heel, as it gives me stability and

Boot lengths range from ankle to over the knee, with heel heights varying from very high stilettos to completely flat. Once you’ve chosen these, the colour, print and texture complete the picture. Make sure you look at your wardrobe and invest in a well-made, comfortable pair that will work with most of your outfits.

Jeans and wrapover

Have Fun Creating Your Autumn Wardrobe.