Body Image - What Really Matters

by Antoinette Stonham

Body image, confidence and self-acceptance is what I’m truly passionate about.


I was recently invited to speak at the Curves and Curls International, a beauty pageant for plus size women supporting the charity ‘Treasure House’.

The theme was ‘dressing with style and confidence’. When I arrived and entered the room, I could see it was full of vibrant women of different age groups and of varied Nationalities, beautifully dressed and full of life.

They weren’t worried about their size or body shape at all; they were full of confidence and the desire to empower other women to accept their bodies no matter what they looked like.

I thought ‘WOW’,  that’s what I’m all about!

These women are every day mums and grandmothers, professional and business women. I loved the confidence they had within themselves, to put themselves out there to the public to promote body image.

Curves and Curls wasn’t just a fashion parade; it was a pageant, with criteria which had to be met.

Each woman introduced herself, and what drew her to enter and each was passionate that size and shape shouldn’t matter, that anything is achievable – that these factors should not be how you are judged.

Part of the night included a Talent section. The dancing and singing was amazing, the hairdressers demonstrated their talents buy doing an up style and a beautiful braid. An early educational teacher shared her passion of teaching young child to love reading books.


Strength and Fitness, you should have seen the planking and sit-ups. I would definitely not be able to keep up with these ladies!

The pageant ran over 2 days and the finals were held at Bondi Beach, outside the Pavilion. The ladies showcased themselves wearing their traditional costumes, activewear, swimwear and the finale was an evening gown.

Wow, These Were Brave, Amazing, Beautiful And Confident Women, Sharing A Message To Us All.