Does Black Work For Everyone?

by Antoinette Stonham

You will read in in so many Fashion magazines that black is slimming and flattering – and that you need at least one little black dress and a pair of black pants in your wardrobe. Don’t believe it, it’s a myth.

Take note – Black only works really well if it’s YOUR colour.

Black is considered Cool, Deep and Bright. This doesn’t work as well for people with Warm, Light or Muted colouring.


So, if you have Warm, Light or Muted colouring you should definitely avoid black close to your face.


I wear deep, cool and bright colours myself, but avoid black close to my face unless wearing a pop of colour to brighten it.
As we age, our skin and hair become lighter, therefore black becomes harder to wear. It can be very harsh on the skin, creating a shadow and making your lines and wrinkles appear deeper. With me, black really emphasizes my dark circles and puffy eyes, and that makes me look tired.

I’m not saying go into your wardrobe and throw everything out! What I suggest you to do is to find out what colours suit you best, and then slowly integrate them into your existing wardrobe.

Often when I visit a client and we go into her wardrobe, I find the majority of her garments consist of black – top and tees, jackets and dresses. When I look across the room at most functions I attend it’s a sea of black – women seem to wear black on black with very little else standing out! 

When I Asked A Few Ladies Why They Are Drawn To Black,  The Answers Were All Very Similar;

and everyone thought it was slimming!

You don’t need black to make you feel and appear slimmer. Wearing the right cuts and styles, ones that suit your personality and body shape, will do the trick.

That little black dress doesn’t have to be black it can be red, green, blue – or whatever colour makes you feel amazing.

As you may all know red is my feelgood colour.  What’s yours ?