Dressing For An Interview


Did you know it only takes 8 seconds to make that first impression – and you don’t get a second chance?

The image we portray is very important – to our confidence, our family and our success. If you look good, you’ll feel good and you’ll feel confident, ready to take on the world. Style isn’t frivolous or vain; I want to help you create an image that will land you that perfect job.

Here are my tips and hints:

No matter what you choose to wear, prepare your outfit the night before – shoes, bag and accessories, try it on to make sure it works, polish and press. This will save time and eliminate any dilemmas before you leave

What do I wear?

Invest in quality basic garments that can be integrated into your existing wardrobe. (you don’t need to spend a fortune).

Garments to consider: a well fitted Jacket, tailored pants, straight or slightly A-lined skirt on or just above the knee, light coloured top.

If you prefer a dress, select a concretive style that suits your body shape.


Avoid colours that are too loud or patterns that are distractive.

I would suggest you research the culture of the business with which you are seeking employment and this will give you a clearer idea of what to wear.

You may be given a dress code for the interview but these are sometimes a bit confusing. Here is a basic summary.

Business Professional– suit is required

Business Casual – A suit is not required

Casual  doesn’t mean jeans you still need to look stylish and professional.

Low to medium heeled pumps are preferable and timeless.

Choose clothing that skims your body shape, not too tight, too short or too see through – and don’t drown your body shape in too much fabric.


Out- dated clothing it will give the impression that your ideas are out of date.

If your clothes are all wrinkled or falling apart, people will perceive you have a don’t care attitude and won’t take you seriously.Remember, a tattered hand bag will ruin your whole look and shoes should not be scuffed or worn out at the heel. 

You don’t have to have everything brand new but make sure shoes and bags are clean and polished, clothes are well pressed and fit you properly.

I love accessories! But Ladies, don’t overdo it. If you’re jingling it’s going to detract from what you’re saying. You want the focus on you not your bangle.

Your hands play a major part of your interview so make sure they are well groomed.

When wearing open toed shoes make sure your toes look the part.

Be aware how much perfume you are wearing – your interviewer may have allergies. If you have a pet make sure you aren’t covered in pet hair before going in.

When going to an interview clear your head and, leave any personal issues behind, stand up straight, walk in with confidence and always wear a smile.