Finding the best swimsuit for your body


As the warmer weather has arrived and it’s time to look at swimwear, I bet you’re thinking “Oh No”!

Most women really dislike buying swimwear and can become quite stressed thinking that they’ll never find one that makes them look good and be comfortable! I’m going to make it easy and uncomplicated for you to select the perfect swimwear.

You want to feel comfortable and look fabulous, but it can be a bit of trial and error to find the right style. I have found many flattering styles and colours this year, so here we go.

Firstly, you’ll want to consider the areas of your body you prefer to conceal, and the areas you would like to highlight. Then you’ll need to think about whether you want a one piece or a two piece, to work with this and what would be most suitable. So…

Consider whether you have a long torso or a short torso?

  • If you have a short torso, you will be best with vertical lines to elongate it. I find a solid colour works well too. In all instances, avoid a contrasting belt or waistband which will chop your torso in half.
Solid colour swimsuit
      • If you have a long torso you can play with the proportion, by looking for a cossie with a belt or one that is cut under the bustline. Avoid one solid colour which will lengthen your torso further.

      What is your bust like?

      • If you are large busted a deep V neckline or a crossover neckline will work well. You may even want to try a square neckline. Go for wider straps for support and/or you may prefer an underwire for a more uplifting ‘look’.
      2 swimsuit style
        • If you have a small bust, you may want to create the illusion of a fuller bust. This can be achieved by selecting swimwear with padding or an underwire with extra padding. Details like embellishment, ruffles or a sweetheart neckline will also do the trick.
        Tummy - The most asked question is “how to hide my tummy?”

        Tummy control swimsuits have become very popular and ruching or gathers hide the tummy, while prints and patterns disguise all the lumps and bumps. You can have a combination of these too.

        2 swimsuit styles

        What about your shoulders - are they wide or narrow?

        • If you are narrower in the shoulders and broader in the hips you can balance your body shape. What you need to do is draw the attention to your upper body. Do this with striking patterns and colours for your upper half and a darker bottom.
          • If you have wide shoulders and narrow hips, reverse the pattern/colour rule above.

          And finally, your thighs and legs

          Remember, high cut bottoms help thicker thighs appear longer and leaner. If you are very thin perhaps consider wearing a lower cut.

          Bikini styles

          So, on to the different styles. 

          Two Piece suits – and remember the rules about bust size, torso and tummy should be considered here too.

          We are very lucky that finally swimwear manufacturers have realised that not everyone has a perfectly balanced body. And with this have given us two-piece swimwear that we can buy in two pieces – a top in one size/shape/colour and the bottom in different size/shape/colour if we wish.

          So, on to what two-pieces are out there to choose from.

          • There are ‘bottom’ styles ranging from boy leg to the string bikini.
          • A tankini teamed up with high waisted bottom can look very flattering if you prefer a two-piece that doesn’t show too much skin and covers up the tummy.
          • A string bikini is always trending but consider your activity level.

          shoulder width swimmers

          Do you like to cover right up?

          I just want to mention one more style that has become very popular -  a fully covered swimsuit referred to as ‘modest dressing’.

          Despite what you might believe, the popularity of this styling is not only due to religious or cultural reasons. Many of my clients have opted for this style as a way to protect their fair skin from the harsh sun. Some olive-skinned ladies are heading in this direction as well, with awareness of melanomas become more prevalent, particularly in Australia.

          Modest swimwear

          An addition to your swimwear is a cover up. 

          These come in many styles and a variety of fabrics, often matching that of the swimwear.

          You can choose from matching shorts, sarongs, drawstring pants or a long lined, flowy dress. I am drawn to a cover up that matches my swimsuit but I haven’t been successful, so invested in a little white cheesecloth dress.

          swimsuit coverups

          Anything goes and is great to take the sting out of the sun or chill out of the breeze.

          The Fit.

          It takes time and patience to select the perfect swimwear for your body and lifestyle.

          If it is too tight it can dig into you and rub, or cause your skin to roll over the edges. Too loose and you’ll find it sags when you enter the water.

          Look for a good quality Lycra, which is firm, pulls you in and is not see through when it is stretched or wet.

          Washing and storing of your good quality swimwear investment is very important. If you take care in this respect, in turn they will last a lot longer.

          Have fun shopping for your new swimwear, and remember - if you ‘feel fabulous you will look fabulous.’

          PS Don't forget your hat !!!