How to build a mix and match Capsule wardrobe for Winter.


I’m often asked by clients what they would need to build a mix and match Winter wardrobe.

It’s not an easy question to answer as we all have different personalities and lifestyles, some of us love bright colours and look fabulous in them and others may prefer soft muted colours. Your wardrobe is so personal to you.

Below is a simple guide on where to start when building a mix and match winter wardrobe. I totally understand, while some garments may not work for you they can easily be replaced with something else, to create your own LOOK.

coats and puffer vests

I have based this wardrobe on a recent shopping trip with a client. The brief was casual, comfortable trans-seasonal and easy to pack for weekends away with the family.

We will call this client Lucy

Lucy is in her mid-40s with three young boys. She was sick of the clothes she was wearing. She told me she felt frumpy and boring and needed to revamp her whole look. Lucy has a curvy hourglass body shape and suits the warm colour palette.

curvy hourglass and autumn colours

Our purchases are below

  • 2 pairs of skinny legged Jeans, a fun pair, and a dark indigo pair

jeans for capsule wardrobe

  • 1 tan leather jacket
  • 1 denim jacket
  • 1 pair of black Ponte pants
  • 1 printed maxi skirt
  • I pair of high-top white sneakers
  • I pair of tan ankle boots

jackets and shoes

  • I plain coloured dress
  • I floral dress
  • 1 faux fur vest
  • 1 puffer vest
  • 1 tan wool coat.

Autumn dresses

  • 2 cream coloured long sleeved t shirt tops
  • 2 cream tea shirts
  • Tan tote.
  • Scarf and Necklace.
  • I suggested a shirt, but Lucy doesn’t like Ironing.

accessories for capsule wardrobe

Lucy now has a great collection of garments to work with and which will transition into the warmer months, when they come round again.  

You now have a guide on where to start when creating your own mix and match wardrobe.

Remember, shop from your own wardrobe first, make a list to fill the gaps and have fun shopping and creating your new outfits.