How To Choose A Jumpsuit

by Antoinette Stonham

Jumpsuits are trendy, versatile, flattering and can look very classy with the right fit and the right accessories.  Most women avoid wearing this statement piece of clothing but you can pull it off.

I’ve been shopping with ladies who were a bit reluctant to try a jumpsuit on at first but have been very surprised at how fabulous they looked and we’ve successfully added a versatile jumpsuit to their wardrobes.  So I thought I’d share a few tips and hints with you all, so you too can take the leap.

A well-tailored jumpsuit, in the right fabric, can be worn to an after five event.  If for formal wear only,  go for floor length with a bit of bling, so you get that elegant look.  Other than for formal wear, the ideal length for most jumpsuits is at the ankle, and you can show off your heels or wear your sneakers.

The main problem is finding the brand that caters for the length of your torso and leg, for both comfort and proportion. Once you have done that, you are half way there! If the jumpsuit you like has a tapered leg make sure it is not above the ankle,  or it will look too short and out of proportion.

Below are the best jumpsuit combinations for each of the main body shapes.

Stick to these rules and you will find a jumpsuit that is easy to wear and flattering for your body.

For the Triangle body shape  look for wide legs, and show off those shoulders with spaghetti straps or off the shoulder. A ‘V’ neckline is always flattering, especially if you have a bigger bust.

For the Circle body shape – loose fitting, with an elastic waist that blouses over or an unstructured jumpsuit that you can belt up at your flattest point.


For the Inverted triangle body shape – you’re lucky, most styles will look great on you. Remember to highlight your waist at your flattest point and avoid high necklines. Spaghetti straps may make you look boarder so beware of them.


For the Square body shape – go for an unstructured styled with a tie belt, or you may suit a narrow belt which will give the illusion of a waistline and create curves in the right places.

For the Hourglass body shape – look for a structured style that defines your waist and shows off your curves.

For the Petite body shape – go for a structured jumpsuit that highlights your waist and slim fitting pants cropped at the ankle. If you are drawn to wide legged styles make sure you add a wide belt, so you don’t look like your drowning in fabric. Avoid large patterns in the fabric which will overwhelm you.


If you’re large busted be sure to avoid high necklines and go for a deep V or a cross over style.

If you’re small busted ruffles in the bodice will add a bit of volume and balance your body shape.

Once you have the right jumpsuit for you, wear it with confidence and a big smile.