How to choose the right underwear.


Ladies, did you realise that your underwear is the foundation to a perfect outfit. They should be some of your biggest investments, because if your underwear isn't working for you, your outfit won’t look its best on you!

Understanding your body shape helps you choose the best underwear, especially undies (underpants).

I have recently had many complaints from clients about sagging and rolling clothing - and how they spend all day adjusting and fixing. So what to do?

As you know, sizes and styles vary from brand to brand. As with clothing, you need to be patient, and look at and try on different styles and fabrics until you find the right one for you and your body.

I know coloured lacy underwear can look very pretty but it doesn’t always do the job – so I’m going to be very boring here and tell you that a full brief will give you a flat line under your dresses and skirts. Yes, that’s right a FULL brief.

Many women feel that they should wear heavy control briefs. Your undies need to give you a smooth look, not cut into you, so you don’t have to go for a heavy control brief at all. And they are likely to give you indigestion as well!

If your undies are too small your skin will budge and spill over the waist band and this will give you an extra roll. The whole idea is to smooth the bulges, not create  more.

Many women gravitate toward a bikini brief, as they feel more comfortable wearing them but I’m the total opposite. Most of the time I wear a high-rise boy leg brief as I prefer a continuous smooth look. The high rise works with the style of clothing I prefer to wear, as most of the time I wear high rise jeans, skirts and pants. I don’t like my undies cutting in the middle of my tummy; I prefer them sitting on my waist.

So, take note of the best style for your body shape:

  • a high-rise pair of briefs will work for you
    • If you are curvy,
    • have a bit of a tummy
    • have a defined waist
  • a mid-rise or low-rise brief is best if you have a long lean body shape, without a defined waist

Choosing underwear can be trial and error, as every body shape is so different and what one person needs to control or emphasise, another doesn’t.

The main thing to remember is

  • your undies should not finish at your widest point
  • you want them just below where your tummy starts or
  • above where your tummy finishes or
  • you may need to go higher, towards your flattest point.

Leg openings

When choosing undies we need to look at the different leg openings too.

As I mentioned before, I prefer the boy leg style. I find the low cut, cuts into my thigh area whereas the high cut works better.

You may prefer a classic cut, which sits in-between the low and the high cut.

Understanding your body shape and what garment you have in your wardrobe will help you choose your underwear.

If your underwear is rolling down

  • it is too small for you or
  • you have selected the wrong style for your body shape and
  • the waistband is not sitting in the right spot.

The fabric plays a big role in finding your perfect undies too.

While some ladies prefer all-cotton underwear which is breathable and more comfortable to wear in the hot weather,  I find the all-cotton stretches and becomes baggy after a while. So I prefer a stretchy pair that grips and stays in place.

Don’t stress ladies, it is trial and error. I have put these tips together for you from my years of experience with styling many women with many body shapes.  I too have a drawer full of barely worn undies - until I found the perfect style for me.

Most important to remember ladies - never finish your garments or your undies at your widest point.