How To Choose Your Earrings

by Antoinette Stonham

The question of how to choose the right earrings to make your outfit perfect keeps coming up in conversation.

The right pair of earrings can totally change the look of an outfit. It can take it from day to night with a bit of sparkle or you can dress up your ‘at home’ outfit and be ready for a Zoom call in minutes. So important these days!

It’s all about finding the right thing to match – style, shape or colour – for your earrings to your outfit or fabric.

When matching a style look for a dominant match

  • for florals go for round curvy styles that reflect the shape of the flower.
  • Stripes or geometric patterns work well with sharp or angular shapes.
  • Block colours give you all options, from matching the colour or going the complete contrast, which I prefer

When colour matching I like to pick a colour out of the print and then match it up with my  bag or shoes as well.

If you are a classic dresser, metals or pearls work well.

Remember to look at the shape of your face and consider the length of earrings depending on that.
If you have a long narrow face avoid long dangling earrings as they may make your face appear longer.
If you have a small fine boned structure, avoid heavy chunky earing that will over power your face.

Most importantly choose earrings that suit your life style and personality and you’ll always feel comfortable wearing them.