How To Disguise Your Tummy

by Antoinette Stonham

The most common complaint I hear when I meet with a new client is

As women, our bodies change at different stages of life. As we get older we are hit with menopause and often the waist thickens and the tummy becomes more evident. Some of us find it difficult to lose that “baby tummy” or have dietary issues which leave us bloated.

But Don’t Stress, I Have Some Tips And Hints That Will Help You Disguise Your Tummy.

The biggest mistake most women make is covering up with too much fabric – drowning their bodies. It doesn’t make them look smaller, it makes them look bigger! We need to create some shape!

Don’t just focus on your tummy, it’s all about drawing the eye away from your tummy and highlighting your best assets.

Draw attention to the upper half of your body by wearing statement necklace, tops with embellishment, a pretty brooch or a large pair of earrings.

Highlight your shoulders with one-sided or off the shoulder tops or tops with soft flouncy frills. Avoid drop shouldered tops, they may make you look rounder.

If you’ve got great legs show them off, with skirts or dresses that are above the knee or with splits. Asymmetric hemlines also add a bit of interest to your outfit and can draw the eye from your tummy.

If you have slim ankles show them off with cropped jeans or pants, or ankle strapped shoes.

If you have narrow wrists, load them up with pretty eye catching bangles.

In short, draw attention to the best parts of you !

So, what to wear

When you layer your garments, run the colour down the middle, then layer with a contrasting colour. Dots, stripes and an all over repetitive pattern can disguise all the lumps and bumps.

Avoid low waist pants or jeans, as a high rise will pull you all in and flatten your tummy.

Look for pants and skirts with side zippers, as you want to avoid any unnecessary bulk in the front.

Selecting the right shapewear for your body shape is very important. My most important tip is not to have your underwear too tight – you want to give your body a smooth line.

And last but not least, avoid wearing a crossbody bag, as you want to keep the eye away from your middle and it will draw it right in there.

Remember ladies, it’s all about balance and proportion.