How to dress for Autumn's changeable weather

by Fern Rice

I often hear women saying how hard it is to dress for Autumn because the weather keeps changing. We are definitely experiencing that this year. In fact it’s been so hot I’ve found myself quite uninspired to write about Autumn at all! But finally, we are seeing some changes …

As the Autumn season settles in, the mornings and evening are becoming cooler and the days will still have warmth but will not be as hot and humid as Summer. This is when the art of layering comes into play.

It’s time for a wardrobe edit, to prepare your outfits for this wonderful season.

Have a look and see what you have in your wardrobe already, before you rush out and purchase the latest trends. Pull out garments that can be used for layering and any trans-seasonal dresses or skirts you can utilise through the cooler months.

What you may need to create your Autumn Style

Remember, this is a guide and the articles used will depend on your style, life style and personality.

Layering is the secret to great style and versatility in Autumn, and Winter to some extent. So consider these options, for either above or below your outfit :

  • Thermal singlets under long sleeve tops or dresses. These will reduce the bulk.
  • Long sleeved body tops
  • Opaque panty hose to team up with skirts and dresses.
  • Firm fitting under layers will prevent the cold wind getting in.
  • Long lined or waist length vests. I love faux fur and leather vests. This where you can be creative and add a bit of your own personality.
autumn skirts, ankle boots and vests
  • Ankle boots. I love ankle boots. Last year we had so much wet weather I even invested in a pair of gum boots!
  • Knee high boots – a classic
  • Light weight cardigans are so useful. I pop mine on top of my sleeveless dresses to ward off the chill of the evening.
  • Pop a shirt or body top underneath your sleeveless dresses, then pop a jacket on top.
sleeveless dress with top
  • Well-fitting jeans can be taken from day to night.

  • Ponte pants, you can create so many different outfits with your layering skills
  • Blazer will dress up a pair of jeans or use to pop on over a dress
blazers to dress up jeans

  • Denim jackets can be thrown on top of almost anything
denim jacket with leopard skirt

  • White or off-white shirts (depending on your skin tone) are a necessity
  • Leather pants or leather skirts
  • Torso skimming knit dresses, you can layer with a jacket or long lined vest.
same slim dress with different accessories
  • I love cropped jackets but as winter approaches a long, lined coat or jacket will keep your torso warm.
warm coats
  • Warm coat or puffer jacket depending on your lifestyle.
  • Try and find a stylish ‘water replant’ trench coat.

If you are going to invest in a long lined, wool coat try not to go just for black. Choose a colour that puts a smile on your face, make it fun and stand out.


If you really feel the cold and you don’t want to look bulky, invest in wool.

A merino long sleeved top is light weight and works well as a base layer or underneath a white shirt teamed up with pants and boots.

You want to still look stylish at home so consider something other than neutrals for your cosy loungewear .

The cooler months don’t have to be black and boring!

There are so many options to inject colour and texture into your wardrobe. Tthe trends at the moment are for ribbed or cable knit jumpers, faux fur, leather, velvet, quilted garments and sequin.

I hope I have inspired you to play in your wardrobe and start creating exciting and fun new combinations. Then make list of what you may need to complete and complement your Autumn wardrobe.

Have fun playing dress up.