How To Highlight Your Best Assets

by Antoinette Stonham

The months ahead are definitely going to be warmer and its swim wear weather – you can’t escape it.

In Australia our summers can be extremely hot, especially if we are holidaying on the coast or visiting family in regional areas. And wherever we are we seem to be surrounded by water.

With that in mind, I’ve had a few of my clients asking what style of swimwear suits their body shape best?

There are many styles and heaps of rules, so today I thought I’d share tips and hints on how to highlight your best assets.

Choose swimwear that is made from a good quality lycra and remember the following.


I’m always hearing complaints about back fat, so no matter what shape you might be, avoid narrow, tight straps that will dig into your skin – go for wide straps where you can.

We all have different body shapes, as I have explained in my previous article “What Body Shape Am I?”, so use the guides below to find the right swimwear for YOUR body shape.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

This shape is easy to dress as your shoulders are broader than your hips. So consider the following –


Avoid The Following –


Hourglass Body Shape

If this is you, you’re lucky, with a balanced body shape and almost all styles will work.


Triangle Body Shape

Your shoulder are narrower than your hips and you generally have fuller hips and thicker thighs, but don’t despair, follow these tips


Square Body Shape

Your body tends to be very straight up and down so the aim is to give the illusion of a waistline .


Circle Body Shape

You carry your weight in the middle and usually have great legs. Lets take the emphasis away from the middle.