How to Style Brown in the Summer Months.


Did you know that brown is the new black!

Some people refer to brown as the ‘ugly colour’ but it’s trending now for summer and will dominate throughout the cooler months. I bet you’re wondering how you can style brown in the middle of summer - without looking or feeling ‘Winterish’?

Brown comes in various shades and can be paired with a wide array of other colours. If you’re some one who doesn’t like colour blocking, then tonal dressing is for you. By pairing up different shades of brown, beige and tan your outfit can look sophisticated. Match it with some spots of bright colour in the current season’s palette and you’ll look very on trend.

Brown isn’t a colour that I’m personally drawn to but I did find a brown skirt to play with in my own wardrobe. Below are ten different outfits I have styled utilising the same skirt with different tops, shoes and bags.

I hope I have inspired you to have a look in your wardrobe and see what new outfits you can create from your existing wardrobe. Send me a photo on FB of how you have styled brown for this summer.