How to style pink pants.


Pink is one of those colours – you either LOVE to wear it, or you never wear at all!

As we get older, we often shy away from colours we think are too girly - I’ve had many a client feel this way about this pretty colour, for just this reason.  

But I’m going to show you how to style with sophistication.

My pants here are a vibrant hot pink, known as “Shocking Pink” .

You may be drawn to a more pale or pastel shade of pink, but I love a bold look that makes a statement.

These pants can be dressed up or made to show a fun casual look.

I love colour blocking with the bold blue whereas you may want to keep it simple, by styling with a white T-shirt.

You can pop on a pair of heels or for comfort a pair of stylish sneakers will be just perfect.

Below are seven styling inspirations for a pair of pink pants, mixed and matched to make completely different outfits for day or night.

Denim jacket and pink pants

Denim and pink go hand in hand.

Orange jacket and pink pants

Orange based red and hot pink teamed with stripes definitely make a statement. Love it!

Navy blazer and hot pink pants

A Navy blue blazer and pink are a classic combination suitable for the office while a fun animal print and pink adds a bit of personality.

animal print and hot pink pants

Pink the colour of playfulness and green the colour of harmony work well together.  Pink and graphic prints, teamed with a leather jacket give the “rock chick” look.

Pink and cobalt blue; the colour of the sea has also been referred to as the colour of intelligence.

Have fun putting together YOUR pink based outfit!