How To Travel Light And With Style

by Antoinette Stonham

I hear many people saying that I must just take an empty suitcase and buy as I go along.

That way of packing to travel can be time consuming and costly, running around looking for something to wear and not enjoying the sights.

I prefer to pack what I need and if I buy something then it’s a garment I don’t already have at home.

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You Need To Ask Yourself The Following 

Shoes Are An Important Thing To Consider.

If you purchase a new pair prior to your trip, be sure to use them around the house to wear them in and make sure they are comfortable.


What To Pack.


You need to create a Mix-and-Match wardrobe, also known as a Capsule wardrobe.

If you’re away for three weeks you need to pack enough outfits for a full week taking both day and evening wear into consideration.


How To Build A Mix-And-Match Wardrobe

The colours of the garments you are taking away need to work together.

You need base garments, usually darker in colour and then choose three other colours that suit you and that will work together, scarves and accessories, which will give each of your outfits an individual look.



What Are You Going To Wear On The Plane?

You need to look stylish and comfortable.  I feel the cold, so I tend layer up and whether you feel the cold or not, this is a great way to make sure you have all conditions covered.

Remember, Dress For Your Personality And Your Destination.