How to wear a statement piece of jewellery.


Jewellery – what is too much, too little or JUST right! This is a question I’m often asked.

Jewellery is the perfect way to add that touch of individuality to your outfit, and to enhance your best features - and it can take only one piece of statement jewellery to give your outfit that WOW factor.  Make it work for you!

We often assume statement jewellery is a huge necklace but why not consider cocktail rings, cuffs, bracelets or earrings instead. They come in many different colours, designs and sizes

When it comes to selecting and wearing statement jewellery it’s all about personality. Yours! You either love it and can wear with flair, or prefer the simple and dainty.

The rule of thumb is to wear one piece of statement jewellery at a time, but I believe this is where your personality and proportion come into play. Some of my clients can pull it off and they look amazing in either statement earrings or a necklace - or both together.

Bold necklace on yellow dress

What shape is your face?

I love my bling but as I have small features I have to be careful that it doesn’t overwhelm my look. So, if I wear my big necklace I will wear small earrings with it, and if I wear big dangling earrings then I wear a small necklace - or I may not wear one at all. It depends on the neckline of my outfit, which is another consideration.

When selecting statement earrings think about the shape of your face. This is especially important for the length of the earrings and where they sit. I have a small narrow face so I very rarely wear my earrings below my jawline as they would dominate it.

green dress and long earrings

What style is your hair?

Something you should consider when choosing your statement jewellery is whether you plan to wear your hair up or down, straight or curly. When my hair is curly, I tend to wear bigger round earrings but when my hair is straight I usually go for small hoops or statement stud earrings.Red dress and chunky necklace


Your outfit

When you are adding a bold necklace or jewellery you want to keep your outfit simple. This will ensure you look ‘put together’ and not overdone.  A bold necklace can either be in a contrasting colour or a colour that blends with your outfit, depending on the look you are going for. Do you want to stand out or remain understated.

Avoid busy prints and embellished tops if you have chosen to wear a statement necklace. Neutral or block colours will offer a great background to a statement necklace, and a plain white shirt can be given a new lease of life.

If you are going to wear a long necklace, be aware of the final length - you certainly don’t want it to hit your belt line.

long blue gown

Mixing Metals

At times I do mix my metals, like putting silver and gold together, but I usually prefer to keep my bracelets and rings the same metal,  and that is the same for necklace and earrings.

long pink dress

Cuffs and Bracelets

I wear arm jewellery all year round, but some people say that it is part of summer dressing only.

I have short arms, so I don’t over stack. I stick to a watch and bracelet on one arm and one bracelet or bangle on the other.  If you love to stack them up, you can mix the metals to make it interesting and go for six or seven bangles but only stack on one arm.

a day at the races

I come across many women who say they don’t like their arms, particularly at the top. By wearing a statement cuff or stacking the bangles you are drawing the attention away from your upper arm to your wrists.

And what about a ring?

Bold statement rings draw attention to your hands and nails so you will want well-groomed hands. When colouring your nails think about the colour as it may clash with your rings. I have small hands so I avoid big bold rings thought I do wear rings on all my fingers excepting my thumbs.

Statement jewellery is all about been creative and showing your personality. Your accessories can make or break your outfit.

red dress black accessories

As a guide I have included some pictures of how I wear my jewellery for different occasions.

So give it a go and enjoy!