How to wear leather pants


This is a question that has come up many times, so I wanted to share a few styling tips and inspirations with you all.

Leather pants are usually worn in the cooler months but can be styled with a simple t-shirt or cropped top for the warmer weather. My styling inspirations are based on the Autumn/ Winter weather.

If you’re considering purchasing a pair of leather pants, it’s similar to selecting a pair of jeans. Think about the rise and whether you prefer a skinny leg, wide leg or a flared pair. For a more relaxed and casual style you may prefer to invest in a jogger style leather pant.

Leather pants are very versatile and can be styled in many different ways, from a casual tee with sneakers, heels and bling for date night or a smart blazer for the office.

Leather vs faux leather - an important distinction.

There is a big price difference between leather and faux leather.

Remember, leather stretches, softens and moulds to your body whereas faux leather is less breathable and can become hot.

Faux leather has a shorter life span as well. You may get two to five years out of faux leather, depending on the quality, and how often it is worn.

Leather can last over 30 years, depending on how you look after it. I use leather conditioner wipes to keep the leather clean and supple.

Another question that keep coming up is Am I too old to wear leather?”

The answer is NO! It is not the garment it’s how you style it!