Knowing how to dress YOUR body shape is gold.

by Fern Rice

“Antoinette my body shape isn’t right, my hips are huge” my body shape is all wrong. I hear this comment from many women, of all ages. 

But there is no right or wrong body shape, it’s all about balancing your upper body with your lower body. Knowing how to dress YOUR body shape is gold.

So, I have put together some styling ideas for the ladies who feel they are narrow in the shoulders, broader in the hips and have a defined waistline. This is the Triangle body shape and is actually a fairly easy body shape to dress.

Just follow these few styling tips and tricks and you’ll see the difference!

A well-fitting blazer with shoulder pads is going to be your best friend in the cooler months. But be very aware of the length - it needs to sit above or below your widest point.Trouser suit


Balance your body shape with colour- keep your bottom half in a neutral colour, and be sure to avoid eye catching prints.

Use bold and bright colours, prints and patterns on your upper half

Shoulder pads, ruffles, puffy sleeves prints and patterns will keep the focus on your upper body.

Wrap tops / crossover tops.

If you are wearing your top untucked with jeans or pants, look for a top that is ruched at the sides or is scooped ate the sides. But be aware of the length and don’t drown your body shape
crossover top

Bold accessories draw the eye to your upper body.

With your jeans or pants go for a high rise, but if you have a short torso go for a midrise. This will still allow you to tuck your top in. Avoid side pockets and stiff or clinging fabrics in any pants you wear. You don’t want to add any extra bulk to your hip area.

high rise pantsWide leg, straight or boot leg pants will work best for you. It doesn’t mean you can’t wear skinny legged jeans, you just need to be aware of the balance and proportion of your garments. That is when the art of layering your garments comes in. 

A well-fitting, A-lined skirt will be a ‘go to’ in your wardrobe. If you prefer a straight skirt, you may need to go up a size and have the waist altered to bring it in.

Choosing the right neckline is very important.

You can try a boat neckline, a round neckline or my favourite, the sweetheart neckline. If you are fuller in the bust, go for a V neckline but keep in mind the sleeves, as you want to broaden your shoulders

Boat neckline

It’s time to choose a dress for a special event.

Go for off the shoulder, strapless or crossover, with a fuller skirt, which will help to highlight your waist and soften your hips.

In saying all this, not everyone wants to soften their hips. Young women these days are embracing their body shape by wearing fitted clothing that skims and highlights their curves. This is when choosing the right neckline, and using bold accessories, comes into play.

If you are feeling confused and you are not sure how to dress your body shape, book an All About Style styling session and I will help you solve all your wardrobe dilemmas.