Over 50? What should you avoid wearing ?


A while ago I was asked to write a blog about what you SHOULDN’T wear after you turn 50. As I’m now approaching 60, I thought I’d really better get onto it and have been thinking hard.

This blog is based on my experiences over the years and the slight changes I have made to what I wear and how I style. Keep in mind we are all different – and so we all age differently as well.

I was once asked by a lady who had attended one of my presentations whether at 50 years of age she was too old to wear a denim jacket. There are a number of answers to that question but the most important is that I don’t believe you should stop wearing a garment if you love it, you feel amazing in it, and it puts a smile on your face.

No matter what age you are you should dress for YOU, your lifestyle and your personality. Age is just a number!

You may read articles and blogs advising you to avoid leather, bold prints, bright colours, knee high boots, cropped cardigans, high heels, fur, body hugging garments and many others. It’s not what garment you shouldn’t wear that is important, it’s how you should wear it. So here are some suggestions that I have found work over the years.

Foundation garments

As we become older our body shape changes, our muscles are not so well defined and gravity can take hold - so investing in well-fitting underwear is essential.

I’m always shopping around for the perfect bra; lifting your boobs and having them sit in the right position, finding your flattest point makes a huge difference to an outfit. A pair of full, high rise briefs may look daggy when they are uncovered but they will lift the butt, flatten the tummy, and give you a smooth line.

Colours and accessories

It’s important to know what colours brighten up your skin and make your eyes sparkle. Build your wardrobe around the colours that suit you best. Remember, dark colours close to your face can make you look older as they drain the colour from your face. I totally avoid black close to my face as it seems to highlight my dark circles. And dark circles age you as well.

Heavy earrings will drag on your earlobes and long earlobes are ageing. Look for earing made from a light metal. I have a few pairs that I have stopped wearing as I can feel them dragging on my ears.

If you wear glasses, consider the frames you have chosen. Thin, narrow, metal frames may age you. Choose a pair that scream personality. There are a great variety of styles and colours out there nowadays .

During the cooler months I wear skin toned panty hose. Choosing the right colour for your skin tone is imperative. If it is too light or too dark they will look out of place and ruin the look of your outfit.

Hair and Makeup

Have a look at your hair style. Is it still working for you?

Over the years I have given away my long locks and gone shorter, as I feel the shorter hair gives the illusion that my jawline is lifted. A great haircut helps everyone but is especially important as you get older.

When it comes to make-up you may need to look at the foundation you are using. I have found that I needed to go slightly lighter in colour as I got older. I absolutely love my eye make-up but I always go for a matt finish and avoid any frosted colours. I still use black eyeliner thought. Just check and see if black is too heavy for you – often a dark brown is just that little bit softer.

Items of clothing and the fit …

The only time you should replace your heels with flats is if they cause you back pain and you can’t comfortably walk in them anymore. I love my heels and my back is fine, so I’m not giving them up for anything.

A leather jacket is a staple garment in my wardrobe I team it up with my jeans or my floral dresses for a Tran-seasonal outfit.

Denim jeans can be worn at any age but you need to make sure that you choose a style that suits  your body shape, not just follow the trends each year.

Avoid anything that is too tight but don’t go to the other extreme where the garments are too baggy. Remember, garments that are too loose will make you appear heavier than you are; therefore may age you.

I’ve heard women say 'I can’t wear that dress it’s above my knee'. If you have great legs show them off! You don’t have to avoid any specific length of garments, it’s how you style it that counts.

What is YOUR style ?

A few questions to ask yourself, to give you a start on discovering your style. Look in your wardrobe and see what you have already...

  • Do you like bright bold colours?
  • Do you style you outfit around a statement piece?
  • Are you drawn to glam and bling?
  • Do you love to stand out when you entre a room?

You are a standout dresser you are always on the hunt for that unusual stand out piece.

  • Are you always checking for natural fabric cotton, linen, wool, silk and leather?
  • When it comes to colour you are drawn to soft muted earthy colours?
  • Are you drawn to unstructured comfortable clothing? But will have a classic garment on hand if needed.

You dress for comfort but when needed you have the perfect classic outfit on hand for that special occasion.

  • Do you love bold colours?
  • Your accessories are all about the colour first before you look at the style?
  • You always brighten up the room
  • You prefer to wear block colours over prints and patterns
  • You suit both warm and cool bright.

Your wardrobe is full of an array of colours and you never blend into the background.

  • Do you like a timeless garments?
  • Do you prefer fine fabrics?
  • Are you a person that goes for quality over quantity?
  • Do you like neutral colours?
  • Do you avoid uneven our asymmetric hemlines?

You are someone that prefers a classic well cut garment and is happy to pay to get what you want.

My suggestion is to discover your style and build your mix and match wardrobe around it.

Remember, being comfortable in what you wear and feeling good about yourself is the best way to look fabulous.