Spring Fashion 2018 Trends

by Antoinette Stonham

Spring 2018 has finally arrived and the stores are full of florals and colour. This is my favourite time of the year. I love the mild weather where you don’t feel hot and sweaty or you’re not freezing and need to carry a coat and scarf everywhere you go. big choice of colours this season, from bold bright to soft muted colours. Whether you are a cool or a warm colour palette there many choices for you.

warm soft cool 2
warm soft cool 3

If you are after something different try playing with these colour combos pink and red, or if you’re a warm colour palette, apricot and tan is the combination for you.


I’m loving all the different yellows teamed with silver, or if you don’t like to sparkle, then yellow and white is for you.

High waisted shorts, teamed with a long-lined jacket, makes a stylish outfit. Longer hemlines, belts and sashes are popping up everywhere. And if your tummy concerns you you’re going to love another of this season’s trends – ruching.


Shoes that are trending include pointy toed flats, mules, sneakers, and ankle block heel boots in bold colours or blush. I’ve spotted a red pair which I may add to my collection.


White ankle boots teamed with denim always look stylish. Lace up Greek style sandals work well with shorts, A-lined skirts and long floaty dresses. If you’re after comfort, the Mary Jane has made a comeback in a big way!Shoes with interesting heels are appearing – I tried on a few and they looked great but they felt a bit wobbly. It’s always important to feel safe on your heels. Cowboy boots in snake skin or nude work well with a floaty floral dress.

The Bucket bag is till trending. In Paris, woven baskets were a huge trend. I’m not sure if the transparent bags with a coloured pouch are going to be popular but the belt bag seems to be making a comeback.

Brightly coloured beaded bags and lady like vintage bags are overtaking the standard evening clutch.

If you are thinking about a new jacket, a bold coloured or plaid jacket will add a bit of personality to your jeans. I have noticed that the tracksuit jacket style is trending – it’s not for me as I’d prefer a coloured denim jacket. When considering a jacket choose a colour that will work with your existing wardrobe.

The floaty printed wrap dresses and frilled edge wrap skirts in soft warm colours are very flattering and give a romantic look.

warm mute 1
matchy matchy

Matchy, matchy tops and bottoms, relaxed suiting and checked suiting are also trending in the work place and everyday wear.

Straw hats, dangling earrings oversized sunglasses and neck tie scarves are the go to accessories.

Remember ladies these are just current trends – dress to suit your body shape and personality.