Tips For The Most Effective Shopping Trip

by Antoinette Stonham

Tips and Hints

We all know how frustrating it can be when trying on garments in a dressing room on a shopping trip. I want to share my tips and hints on what to consider while you’re in there, to get the best out of your money and time.

Lighting –  the colours of the garment may look brighter in the daylight so  make sure you check if unsure.

Look directly at yourself in the mirrornot down. Looking down at yourself will make you appear larger.

Armholes– ask yourself, ‘is my bra showing? Is the armhole too tight and is it causing excess skin to pop out? Not a good look.

Shoulder straps– makes sure the straps sit firmly on your shoulders; there is nothing worse than fiddling around with your straps while you’re out at a function. You should be comfortable that they are in place.

Neckline – V Necklines suit most body shapes. If you’re small busted look for the current frill and ruffle trends, which will create the illusion of a larger bust. If you’re large busted go for open V necklines and keep it simple.

Waist lines -before you start your shopping spree, it very important to know whether a high-rise or mid-rise pant or jeans suits your body shape best.

Hemlines – For most women, dress or skirt hem lengths are on or above the knee. The length can also depend on the style of shoes you choose to wear with your outfit.

Button-up shirts –  make sure you’re not bursting out. If it’s a stretch fabric make sure the neckline fits you firmly otherwise it will keep slipping down.

Shoulder – Jackets and tops with a set-in sleeve should have the seam sitting on your shoulder and not drooping off onto your arm.

Prints and patterns – the general rule is that large prints add volume and small prints and vertical stripes decrease volume and disguise any lumps or bumps. An example – if you are large busted avoid large flowers on your bust area!

Horizontal stripes  – they do say these add volume but I’ve found with most of my clients it can actually disguise any lumps or bumps and appear quite slimming, when teamed up with a longer line, plain jacket or vest.

Avoid loose, baggy and shapeless clothing. What I really want you to remember is that unless you’re going to wear it over your swimwear, worn poolside or at the beach, don’t wear it at all.

Before you purchase your next garment ask yourself ‘what am I going to wear it with and how many different outfits can I create with this garment?’