Up and coming Summer trends for 2024


I know we are in the middle of Winter, its freezing cold and we are all rugged up but…

I just wanted to share with you some of the Summer fashion that caught my eye when I was travelling around Italy a few weeks ago. Some of these trends may flow into our Spring /Summer season.

Firstly, I was excited to see heaps of colour, both bright and soft muted.

Suits sets are stilling going strong, from wide leg pants, matching vests and lightweight blazers to tailored short sets. Wide-legged tailored shorts were often teamed with a matching vest or a pretty blouse.

belted trench coats over shorts or skirts

Dresses were definitely trending - colourful dresses, both floral and block colours, and shaped as anything from structured to soft floating tiers. Max and midi length cool white dresses were very much a part of the picture while midi-length, shirt style dresses styled with tan leather sandals looked fresh and effortless.

bright flared sleeveless dresses

All shades of yellow, particularly butter yellow, is to be found either mixed with other colours or standing alone as a feature.  And the other colours were lilac, sage green, pistachio, sky blue, red and quite a mix of neutrals.  

Coloured dresses and shoes

Shoes were very much favoring the lower and more comfortable - flat and low-heeled shoes in various styles, from slender pointy toes or sling backs, to chunky slides. Raffia sandals and matching bags were very popular.

I noticed that the oversized bags are a huge trend - they are REALLY oversized. Just too big for me. Something to remember if you are like me and have a small frame.

For a casual look on the cooler days, the cropped trench coat seemed to be making a comeback. This was worn belted up to give a structured look, without the bulk. I like this look with short skirts or shorts.

When it came to denim styles, the cropped, wide-leg jeans seem to be very popular, especially teamed with a pretty white lace top.

Ladies, do you remember the ‘bubble skirt’ of the late 80s? I saw a few designs that have incorporated that look. I’m not sure whether this is good or not…black bubble skirt and peddle pusher pant

What really caught my eye though, was another trend making a comeback. I bet you’ll never guess. It was the pedal-pusher pant.  Remember the skinny leg pants that sit just below the knee? I was impressed to see them styled with a blazer. They looked surprisingly stylish.

crochet outfits in neutral colours

Remember ladies, these are just trends that come and go. Shop from your own wardrobe and see if you can create similar outfits that will work for you, your personality and YOUR lifestyle.