What’s trending for summer 2023


The weather has been very erratic and I feel we just haven’t experienced summer as yet. I have been going through my wardrobe, pulling garments out and trying them on to create outfits for the warmer days ahead. By doing this now it helps me decide what I need to purchase at the post Christmas sales. And they will be here before we know it.

Summer is a time when you to look for light-weight breathable fabrics like cotton, linen or silk, so you don’t feel hot and sweaty. Read the labels before you buy - you will be surprised by what you may find.


Whilst walking around the stores this year I’ve noticed bright punchy colours are dominating the racks. These colours are referred to as ‘Dopamine dressing’, an expression of joyfulness and fun.

If the bold punchy colours might not be you, neutrals, khaki, beige, sky-blue and sea green are alternatives on offer now and might be colours you are drawn to and would prefer to inject into your existing wardrobe.


Big sleeves, soft ruffles, cut-outs, long flowy romantic maxi-dresses and maxi-skirt sets are seen in almost every store. Some are in bold colours and psychedelic prints, while some designers have gone for soft muted colours, romantic lace and crystal embellishments .

 big sleeves, flounces

Pants and shorts suits bring back the power dressing of the 80s. We are seeing oversized jackets sporting padded shoulders, matched up with straight legged pants or tailored shorts.

 white dress and suit

Pleated skirts in metallic fabrics, leather or rainbow colours are paired with a plain white t-shirt and sneakers for a casual look then simply transitioned to dance the night away by swapping to a pretty pair of shoes and adding a bit of bling. What could be easier.


Crochet garments are still trending this summer and are usually referred to as ‘Bo Ho dressing’. I’ve come across a lot of crochet garments in the stores, in a variety of styles and colours but I feel a lot of them will end up on the Sales rack.

Gingham and polka dots come and go but I feel they are both timeless, especially if you stay with black and white and accessorise your outfit with your favourite colour.


My tip for summer is to show off your best assets - but not all at once. You need to balance your outfit, so if you go for a mini skirt, wear a more covered top. You may want go with summer’s latest trend, the maxi skirt and matching crop top instead.

Remember ladies shop from your wardrobe first.