What’s trending in Spring 2023


I absolutely love this time of the year, when there is so much colour in the gardens around us and carrying through to the shopping centres. There are so many colours to choose from, but you should remember to look at your colour palette, to make sure the garments you choose in the new season’s colours will work with your complexion.

Some of the fashion colours you see around are butter yellow, cherry tomato, barbie pink, lime green or soft pastels. You’ll see a lot of colourful crochet - in dresses, pants, swimwear, and bags. It is reminiscent of fashion worn on the late ‘70s. Another trend that you will see around is the ‘scuba’ material, but mostly used for fitted dresses and skirts. 

2023 spring dresses

If that’s not for you, the classic warm neutrals may be more your style. But if like me you like to make a statement, then it’s going to be cobalt blue or hot red this Spring. I love patterns and prints but the classic polka dot will be dominating in patterns this season.polka dots

When it comes to fabrics you'll see a lot of sheer garments have been layered up, romantic lace worn day or night, embellished and printed denim. If you love the 1920s fashion, you’ll be on trend wearing your fringed garments.

fringed dresses

The matchy matchy three-piece suit, which has been on trend the last few seasons, has been adopted by all ages and worn in different ways, from ‘street style’ with a pair of sneakers to the corporate world, teamed up with heels. What I have noticed lately though is that shoulder pads seem to have become larger and more prominent.Matchy Matchy 3 piece suits

If you love to show off your shoulders, you’ll be happy to hear that halter neck tops and dresses are making a comeback. If you’re a triangle body shape a halter neck is a great way to balance your body shape. If you are larger busted, go for a v-neckline, avoiding the higher necklines.

Accessories seem to be on the chunky side with chunky jewellery and chunky shoes, though for something different, I did notice coloured panty hose and tights teamed up with floral garments and the Mary Jane shoes. You may also have noticed that rosettes pinned on garments and hats have made a comeback as a fun and striking accessory.

chunky jewellery and silver shoes

When purchasing shoes this season think about what colour will be the best investment. Silver will be dominating in shoes, sneakers, bags and accessories and will continue on into the cooler months.

Cross-body bags are still trending and are versatile.  If you are a person that likes to carry everything, you’ll be happy to hear that oversized slouchy bags are the trend – and will fit everything you need.

cross body and slouchy bags

Remember ladies, these are just trends. Create your own style and if you want to add a bit of this season’s trends into your existing outfits, choose what will work well with what is there while matching your colour palette.