What’s trending in Winter 2022?


For me winter is all about integrating the colours of the season into my wardrobe. My basics in the cooler months are simple:

Knee high and ankle boots.

Over the years I have invested in both flats and heels. This season I would  like to invest in a pair of off-white knee highs but I haven’t found the right pair - as yet.

A well-fitting coat.

I am a coat addict. I like to treat myself to a classic cut coat at the sales in a colour that works with my wardrobe. (instead of black)

This season there is a variety of colours that are trending, from bright citrus colours to different shades of pink or warm earthy colours.

The variety of trending styles really depends on what style you would like to adopt, and what suits your life style and personality.

Vintage is really huge - there are so many comebacks which have all been mixed together, like

  • Retro jeans
  • 1960 mini skirts and matching jackets
  • Chanel style jacket teamed up with cropped wide legged jeans
  • 70 platform shoes
  • Tie dyed tracksuits - but I don’t feel they will last!

Remember the Goth girl style with the heavy eyeliner and heavy chain belts? This look has been revived too.

There’s a lot of focus on footwear with the Doc Martin style of boots still going strong. Some of my clients still have their originals and have had them repaired for another round.

Chunky boots are around again too - some look great, others I feel are way too chunky. These are a statement which will eventually look dated.


Leather, or if you prefer faux leather, garments, dresses, maxi skirts, vests and coats are all the rage. I found myself a vintage leather coat and I have revived it to look as good as new.

Brown is still trending this season, and we will see it in various shades all the way through into the warmer months.

If you don’t like pops of colour, try tonal dressing. This is wearing the same colour in different tones. Just remember to play with texture and keep your outfit interesting, so it doesn’t all blend together and look boring, with nothing of interest to break it up.

There are many items which will stand alone or can be worn to jazz up an outfit. Some are still around from previous seasons; others have been revived. Things like -

  • The big puffy sleeve is still hanging around.
  • Long lined shirt style jacket or the Sherpa coats.
  • Jumper dresses and knitted vests.
  • Plaid skirts
  • Plaid jackets teamed up jeans and boots.
  • Paisley prints and velvet
  • Coloured boots - so many colours

If you want something different to the classic blue denim jeans, try cream or off white teamed with a pop of colour.

Ladies this is just a guide to what’s trending. Remember, shop from your wardrobe first.