What's in for Winter 2024


The cold winter weather is definitely in full swing now, but we’ve passed the Winter Solstice so it should only be getting better from here on in.

It’s not my favourite time of the year but I do enjoy wearing the winter fashions. And I’m often asked “what do I need in my Winter wardrobe?”. So here are some suggestions to keep you warm and stylish this Winter, bearing in mind that we are all different and have different lifestyles.

For me the Winter essentials are 

  • a warm coat,
  • comfortable boots,
  • light weight knit jumper,
  • thermal singlets,
  • a knit dress,
  • a well-fitting pair of jeans,
  • faux fur vest,
  • leather pants and
  • long sleeve tees for layering
  • a warm scarf to add warmth and a pop of colour is great too.

Winter fashion changes slightly each year but if you invest in classic basics that suit your personality and lifestyle, you will have a great base to build on each winter. And your feature scarf can easily be switched, as the colour palettes change from year to year

This winter we will see colours like greens in lots of different shades, burgundy, taupe, burnt orange, brown, pops of purple navy and of course neutrals.

Winter 2024 colours

This Winter ‘tonal dressing’ is set to make a statement, transitioning seamlessly into spring and summer. Wondering what tonal dressing is? It involves harmonizing different tones of the same colour. So, when experimenting with tonal dressing, don't forget to incorporate various textures, to increase your outfit's appeal.

Note that it’s easy to get confused between ‘shade’ and ‘tone’ as they are often used interchangeably. Tone means a softer, muted version of the original colour whereas shade is a darker/lighter version, making a new colour.   

To get a polished look throughout the winter months you need to spend a bit of time mixing and matching,  making sure your layers work together.

midi leather skirt and various tops

Midi skirts are a big trend this winter! You will see pencil denim skirts, midi skirts made from soft floaty fabrics, warm wool skirts and longline leather skirts. The midi skirt looks stylish teamed up with ankle boots and a fitted top or turtle neck bodysuit.

Knit vests are an easy way to start layering for winter. Pop on a long white shirt, layer with the vest and then your favourite coat to get the warm look you want.

Flares and baggy jeans are still with us and jeans with a slight flare can be very flattering when teamed with a blazer and ankle boots. Try on different styles, to see what suits you best. While you’re out trying on jeans do have a look at corduroy jeans as well. These will give you a bit more warmth. I have just invested in a pair of fabulous coral corduroys.

coral coloured corduroys

Chunky boots aren’t for everyone but they are comfortable and easy to walk in, especially if you plan on travelling to Europe or colder climates in their Winter months.

The winter sales have started early this year and there are some great bargains around, so it’s time to invest in those boots or the winter coat you have always wanted.

Remember ladies, shop your wardrobe first, make a list of garments that you may need to fill the gaps before you hit the sales.  It’s not a bargain if it’s not a 10/10 and you don’t need it.