What's trending for Autumn 2023

by Fern Rice

Each season I love to look at the new arrivals and what’s trending from all the different designers, both Australian and international. Then I love to come home and put my own spin on it. That’s what I would like you to do - put your own spin on it, and create your own style.

When it come to colour, brown is still very much around in every shade, from dark to light brown and even reddish tones. With some designers it’s all about layering the neutrals.

autumn 23 - cream trench coat and brown dress

Likewise different shades of green are on trend, from deep rich green to soft muted sage.

If you prefer the bold colours you will be seeing pops of hot pink and cobalt blue to brighten up the neutrals. While I was out and about in the city I came across the Cue collection, and a gorgeous red was the eye catching colour from them.

hot pink and cobalt blue pant suits

The bomber jacket has made a return and the motocross heavy bulky “look” is popular with the younger girls.

Flares and bellbottoms are in and are being embraced by some. If flares make you feel bulky when and you don’t like wearing them, stick to your straight or skinny legged jeans.

bellbottom jean and bomber jacket

Low-rise pants and skirts are creeping back down and this is a trend you have to be very aware of.  In the past when I did go for low-rise I found I was always having to alter the waist band to fit me. Because I can do it myself it’s ok but beware if you are cannot sew – it can get expensive have garments altered. Anyway for myself, this time round, I’m going to stick to high rise as it suits my body shape so much better.

leather suit and crop top

Over the past two years we have seen so many cut-outs when it comes to dresses and tops. Now the trend is steering towards sheer garments and corsets. Corsets can look very sexy teamed up with a leather jacket or blazer.

Big and intricate sleeves are coming in but if you are top heavy try to avoid  them and steer towards less volume.

Last year we saw the introduction of the ‘shacket’ which is a combination of a checked shirt and jacket. They are easy to style for an everyday casual ‘look’ and you will find different lengths, patterns and styles.

Matchy, matchy three-piece suits are very popular again this season. Remember, a suit is a substantial investment and you should make sure you select a colour that suits your skin tone and personality, so that you get the most out of.  

sky blue Chanel style skirt suit

All three pieces may not fit perfectly, depending on the cut, so that is when you will need to have it altered for the perfect fit. You want your outfit to be a hit not a miss. Choose one where the jacket fits well as it is the most difficult to alter.

Knitted and crochet garments, from vests, skirts, tops, pants and dresses are popping up in most stores. I’m eyeing off a longlined skirt and top in Sheike.

When it comes to patterns for this season, you’ll easily find hound's-tooth, plaids, checks, gingham and polka dots. Anything leather, from coats, dresses, blazers, long lined skirts, tailored shorts, full jumpsuits and vests are all there for you to try.

herringbone jacket and pants

And everything denim - from dresses, jumpsuits coats, jackets vests and shirts; yes you can wear denim on denim. There is something for every taste and style.

denim shirt dress

Anything chunky is what’s trending when it comes to shoes, ranging from boots to sneakers  and everything else. Personally I’ll be sticking to what suits me and my style because though I have tried several different styles and brands, the chunky look just doesn’t seem to suit my style or my short legs.

If you’re not into the chunky shoes you may find different versions of the cowboy boot around at the moment.

Remember ladies trends come, go and bounce back. Create your own style, integrate one or two of the trends to update your ‘look’ and wear what make you look and feel the best.

Don’t forget to ‘shop’ from your own wardrobe first.