What's trending for Winter 2023

by Fern Rice

Trends come and go - and then make a comeback with a twist.

With the inevitable return of the cargo pants, be careful, the pockets can add bulk that you don't want. 

Leather is taking the lead this winter, from jackets to skirts or dresses. If real leather is not for you, there is plenty of vegan and faux leather to choose from.

leather coats

Denim remains on the scene this season and you can wear as denim on denim, long lined denim skirts teamed up with a denim shirt; you can be matchy matchy or mix the different blues.

Knit dresses are comfortable and easy to accessorise and very much in. They always look great with a scarf or vest, or chunky necklaces.

Checks are being seen in different prints – for pants and shirts, and I’ve seen a few different kilt style skirts around as well.

checks and different fabrics

Chunky, oversized, layered and wide are trending shapes this season. Think oversized jumper, coats and jackets, wide legged jeans and pants, oversized faux fur jackets and vests with chunky soled shoes and boots!  A vest is great for layering and you can choose either long lined or cropped and ideal worn with a bodysuit, body tops and light weight turtlenecks, which are the base of layering an outfit.

chunky styled jumpers and coats

Full and puffy sleeves are feminine and are great if you have narrow shoulders.

puffy sleeved dresses

Speaking of boots, knee high, over the knee and cowboy are the go rather than the ankle boots of the last few winters.

two styles of boot

Matchy matchy pants and skirt suits are still on trend and I feel they will be around for a while, worn with skirt lengths which are anything from mini to maxi. Add a bit of texture to your outfit with wool, satin, velvet or corduroy. 

matchy matchy plaid


Trending colours this season are bold cobalt blue, burgundy, fire red, creams, brown, lilac, purple, pinks, different greens and mustard. The colours will vary from one brand to another.

many colours for clothes

It seems almost anything goes, as long as you are putting it together well and to suit your shape and personality.

Remember ladies, shop your wardrobe before you hit the shops. You may only need to add one or two of these trends to update your wardrobe for another season.

Have fun playing dress-up.