What's Trending Summer Fashion 2019

by Antoinette Stonham

In the course of my day and my work I spend a lot of time strolling through various shopping areas and reading many different fashion magazines. And the fashion trends seem to have returned to the 80s and 90 for inspiration.

The 90s bucket hat, kitten heeled shoes and tiny handheld bags look very cute but you can barely fit your lippy and phone in these bags.
The 80s puffy sleeves, shoulder pads and a pop of neon have made a comeback in a subtle way.

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White sneakers are being teamed with almost any outfit,  from shorts to pleated skirts.
The matchy, matchy tailored shorts and blazer “look” brings back great memories of an outfit I loved wearing in the eighties.

If you love to wear clothes which are creative and outside the box you’re in luck! Patchwork garments are trending this season and will flow through to the winter months, so you may want pick up a vest or jacket at the sales.

I’m going to keep my eye out for a patchwork skirt to wear with my boots when it is cooler.

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Summer is always known for its bright fresh colours, but I have noticed that teal, rust, navy, rose pink and mustard are dominating some of the stores. Perhaps incorporate these colours into your accessories to give a modern look to existing garments.

Remember, if you feel the heat go for natural fibres. Linen is huge this season, but you have to be able to cope with the creased look – especially in pants. I personally love the feel of it but I can’t deal with the creasing aspect.
Whether you are in love with the gothic look, military style or you are someone who can’t walk away from the bold animal prints, we are lucky this season as there seems to be something for everyone.

Remember ladies, shop from your own wardrobe first and make a list before you hit the shops, especially during the sales. Don’t be tempted to bring home that one garment that doesn’t work with anything else.