How to create a capsule wardrobe?


This blog follows on from a previous blog, How to build a mix and match capsule wardrobe winter.

We built Lucy’s capsule by purchasing the garments and accessories that will work together.Now it’s time to create different outfits to suit Lucy’s lifestyle.

We started off with 17 items and I have put together 30 different combinations. And there are many more options.

As the weather becomes warmer Lucy will add shorts, sundresses, a shorter skirt, t-shirts and a pair of sandals to her capsule wardrobe, keeping within her colour palette.

MY TIP is to purchase good quality basics, so you can add to your wardrobe and you are not always replacing items.

Ladies, you don’t have to run out and make a heap of purchases each season. Start with your existing wardrobe by creating small capsules that can be mixed and matched together. Then build on the one you like the best.

We started with the black dress, mixing with different jackets, coats and shoes.

Then we moved on to the floral dress - same jackets, coat and shoes but completely different looks.
So applying the same method we used the floral skirt, the black pants, the dark jeans and light jeans as the foundation, with each of the different combinations of shoes, jackets, coat and accessories.
Voila, a whole wardrobe of different outfits with just a few items of clothing purchased.